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Big sstar

  • Ridin' Big - Pastor Troy
    "I'm outside 30 minutes, Tryna figure out Which car, Match my outfit CMON! The hardest decision i got to make (yeah) Which car i'm gon take when i skate (yeah) I'm ridin' big ho (big ho)... I'm ridin'"
  • Big Crash - Less Than Jake
    "Sometimes, I think somethings wrong with me because, I was never one, to believe in anyone or anything. Its always been just me. Its always been just. And you know, they've always had, always had big"
  • Big women - GBH
    "Big women, I like the size, big women flabby thighs.Big women, big women, big women .. they fill my eyes.Oooh a a ah !Here they come, walking down the street, big and bouncy look so neat.I like them best"
  • Big Mouth, Big Talk - Three 6 Mafia
    "Chorus 4x What's up, big mouth, big talk, big game Teacher pet, taking aim, pump the tech, I'm taiking aim (Pastor Troy) Triple six 99 a bitch but fuck it Creep up on them pussy niggaz hit the lights"
  • Big Sky - John O'Callagham feat Audrey Gallagher
    "I know this silence - been here before Im walking blinded through your door This is a sense of things to come This innocence Oh, Oh Breath in this moment - its come and gone Further and faster through"
  • Big City - Dead Boys
    "To late to go back home Stranded in the streets Sweating in the heat Don't care to be a star Poundin on the door Sleepin on the floor Big city, ain;t to pretty Big city, nice and loud Big city, don't"
  • Big Jim - Ween
    "rollin' and wheelin' stealin' and dealin' big jim bol weevil' it's a pleasel it's a pleasel my weasel big jim dreamin' and schemin' screamin' and bleedin' big jim froggy in the meadow under the log rollin'n"
  • Big School - Guided By Voices
    "One, two big school Big school Servant to master Sinister bastard All the worlds are Colliding all around you Knowledge escapes you Society rapes you I've got my notebooks And I'm going back to Big school It's"
  • Big love - Fleetwood Mac
    "Looking out for love In the night so still Oh, I'll build you a kingdom In that house on the hill Looking out for love Big, big love You said that you love me And that you always will Oh, you begged me"
  • Big Daddy - Del Reeves
    "Who's that a sneaking down the fire escape Who's that a peekin' through the garden gate Who's on the loose but can't be found Big Daddy's Alabamy bound Big Daddy's Alabamy bound Big Daddy's Alabamy bound Police"

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