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Black Label Society - My Dying Time

  • Dying Culture - Wumpscut
    "Dying culture don't abuse me you'll need me soon Fighting for you I'll tear up you bodies taste the sweet smell of blood Slow death I cause and nightmares I bring Dying culture no more money counts only"
  • Dying Breed - Allison Moorer
    "I take a pint of whiskey And crack open it's lid I drink the bottle empty Just like my poor daddy did I take after my family My fate's the blood in me No one grows old in this household We are a dying"
  • Dying Inside - Jerry Cantrell
    "Long fat green, love what you do, so young must be nice Roll first class, limousine drool, packed house every night Hey rock star, got a cold beer? Sure you don't mind do you? Ain't life sweet. party"
  • Dying Day - Blitzkid
    "Tonight the reaper mows for me In the grip of suicide Cold steel rests upon my flesh Running red drips from the blade My time is drawing near Salvation comes so swiftly Forever to be laid to rest embrace"
  • Dying Times - Personal War
    "It's coming from behind sometimes breaks in your mind it's there the same time here a self-built atmosphere Looking back to dying times to the past that lies behind cannot flee this intense desperation building"
  • Dying Breed - Nazareth
    "I've been walking through the old town Looking for a place to waste some time For the company of strangers No one who could know what's on my mind I'll tell myself she'll be alright Tell myself I'm doing"
  • Dying Slowly - Tindersticks
    "I've got memories I keep them away from me They won't behave Won't be what I want them to be I've seen it all and it's all done I've been with everyone and no one So many squandered moments So much wasted"
  • Dying Inside - Saint Vitus
    "I have got to change my ways 'Cause I'm losing my mind I have got to stop drinking 'Cause I'm dying inside I feel twice as old as I am And it's getting worse I'm in the palm of habit's hand I can't escape"
  • Dying Embrace - Silent Winter
    "A dying embrace Holds me dear Its sold caress In blackened tears Closed my eyes to the world Love has gone Outcast I become Fallen from grace He waits in the wasteland Eternal Darkness Enslaved by loathing A"
  • Dying Love - Useless ID
    "nothing's gonna break me down i'll find a way to bury you within the past you don't want to see me drown my eyes are burning every tear a memory your perfume in my skin takes a few weeks to wash it off been"

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