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Bocoran buat malam ini fajar pakong lama

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Bocoran buat malam ini fajar pakong lama
  • Good Riddance Lame Duck Arsenal
    "it's been a long eight years and still no end in sight to the paranoia and stagnation our worst fears taking flight over the atlantic in the frozen darkness before dawn and they never saw it coming so"
  • Band Of Horses Lam On the Lam (In the City)
    "Band of Horses Band of Horses Lam On the Lam (In the City) If the trials up here Are really getting you down You had a close call I didn't even see it in another one I hardly believed it all What the"
  • Lama Za taboy
    ", .. , . , , .. , . , .. .. .. , .. , .. , .., - ..- , . , .. , , .. , .., - .. .. .. .. - .. , "
  • Weird Al Yankovic Lame Claim to Fame
    "One time I was in the checkout line Behind Steven Seagal Once I'm pretty sure Mr. Jonah Hill Was in the very next bathroom stall My best friend's brother Well, he was an extra in Wayne's World 2 My neighbour's"
  • Verba Nie łam mi serca
    "nie łam mi serca czy wrócą tamte dni nie łam mi serca czy jeszcze powiesz mi że to wszystko co łączyło nas to coś więcej niż utracony czas kiedy jesteś wtedy znika strach widze Ciebie ciągle w moich"
  • Barcode Game Of The Lame
    "This one goes out to all reality star fuckers and wannabes The sick and twisted twenty four seven three hundred And sixty five worldwide exhibitionists The pathetic need to confess guys, they rebuild my"
  • Olta Boka Zemren E Lame Peng
    "Ora si zemer troket Ora e cmendur rend Akrepa nuk ka Kohen vodhe ti Nga jeta ime Bora e zerit tend Mbi zemren time ra Mbuloi Stren e fundit Te dashurise Dhe ndalen akrepat atje Dite pas dite ne Rrahje"
  • NOFX Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame
    "Can't you see my soul worn on the record sleeve It's goin up for sale as soon as it gets saved Interrogation blues, once again I lose You don't get to magnify my insecurities (I'll fuck your mom) You"
  • Robbie Williams I've Sung Some Songs That Were Lame
    "I've slept with girls on the game. I've got my Catholic shame Lord I'm in purgatory Basically it's all come on top of me I wasn't me when we met You haven't lost my respect I'm here to serve and protect What"
  • Serge Lama Je Suis Malade
    "Je ne rve plus je ne fume plus Je n'ai mme plus d'histoire Je suis sale sans toi je suis laid sans toi Je suis comme un orphelin dans un dortoir Je n'ai plus envie de vivre ma vie Ma vie cesse quand tu"

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