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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • Don't Ask - Dri
    "You don't know who i am You don't know what i want You can't see in my head You can't even imagine You don't know what i'm feeling You don't know what i'm like You don't know what i'm dreaming In the middle"
  • Tear It Down - Dri
    "Fighting this society, there's only one way to win We must stick together through all thick and thin Cross over the line of your stubborn, closed mind Don't be surprised at what you might find Things you"
  • Probation - Dri
    "They set the rules They want me to break Take all my money Set me straight Then they confine me Make me check in Analyze my piss Ask me where I've been They send me to classes That say I've been bad Take"
  • I.D.K.Y. - Dri
    "Look into my eyes Tell me what you see Amplified starlight Pure energy You cringe from my power Go home and take a shower I am intelligent life You are less Look into my heart Tell me what you feel Pain"
  • Decisions - Dri
    "You ask me questions I can't answer Give me problems I can't solve Offer suggestions I can't respect Is there anything at all? You give me reasons for your ideas All the facts behind your thoughts Tell"
  • Hooked - Dri
    "You're tied down, you're locked up You've got no way out You're broke down you're fed up Your lungs start to shout You're wincing, convulsing You're aching with pain Gasping for breath, and you're feeling"
  • Go Die - Dri
    "You're bothering me For anything free Why can't you see? I'm out on a limb My nerves are stretched thin You really don't win Go die! You seriously ask For my autograph I can't help but laugh Just leave"
  • Redline - Dri
    "Way past overdrive Full on redline No easing up Your life's flying by Pushing and passing Yourself you've just passed First over the finish You still come in last Face turning to stone Your eyes owl-wide No"
  • Time Out - Dri
    "Time out! time out! for the beginning of the end Time out! time out! of man's episodes of sin Time out! time out! glacier melt down overload Time out! time out! unnatural disasters Time's up for us mindless"
  • Let It Go - Dri
    "Let it go! let it go! Let it go! let it go! Leave it alone, let it go. Learn when to shut your mouth Leave it alone, you gotta know. When to just let it go. I hope for the best, but i expect the worst I'm"

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