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  • Hear Me - Michael Bolton
    "(Jim Brickman/Tom Douglas/Victoria Shaw) Take these tears, put 'em in a bottle. Don't let these tears I cry be in vain. Take these tears, keep them up in heaven. Water my life with tears like rain Hear"
  • Time, Love And Tenderness - Michael Bolton
    "So you say that you can't go on Love left you cryin' And you say all your hope is gone And what's the use in tryin' What you need is to have some faith Shake off those sad blues Get yourself a new view Oh,"
  • This Is The Time - Michael Bolton
    "(duet with Wynonna Judd) (Michael) As the years say good-bye One by one on silent wings they fly What will last, what is true That's a lesson I learned lovin' you This world will find its way somehow I've"
  • Love Is The Power - Michael Bolton
    "Tell me how long, can we go on this way Just to be strong We talk through the night But never reach the other side We fill our lives With endless words, an aimless search When all that we need, we hold"
  • When I'm Back On My Feet Again - Michael Bolton
    "Gonna break these chains around me Gonna learn to fly again May be hard, may be hard But I'll do it When I'm back on my feet again Soon these tears will all be dryin' Soon these eyes will see the sun Might"
  • I Promise You - Michael Bolton
    "I will promise you, yes I promise to Love you for all your life Love you every day and night I will always be there for you I'll be in your arms, you'll be in my heart CHORUS: I'll love you forever, I"
  • I Found Someone - Michael Bolton
    "Don't you know, so many things they come and go Like your words that once rang true Like the love I thought I found in you And I remember the thunder, Talkin' 'bout that fire in your eyes But you walked"
  • Love Me Tonight - Michael Bolton
    "I think you know That it's not my way And I can't hold back What I've got to say Wanna tell you what I'm going through As I see it in your eyes You're feeling the same way too CHORUS: Seems like we've"
  • Heart Of Stone - Michael Bolton
    "Can you hear me Now I've found you Standing there in the lonely night Many times I Tried to reach you But you closed your doors And you closed them tight Come down before it's too late Anyone can see you're"
  • The Night Has Me Calling For You - Michael Bolton
    "I'm in love I can't lie Got a feeling that I just can't hide More than the world, more than good You said you love me And I knew you would Somehow I knew you would Somehow I knew it, oh yeah, yeah Look"

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