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Bomfunk MCs Crack it

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Bomfunk MCs Crack it
  • Ultramagnetic Mcs Raise It Up
    "Intro: Kool Keith Yeah... yo Don, gimme a little bit of that chicken That smooth chicken, a little bit of that gravy And I want some... old hot jazz biscuits With a little bit of that blues butter Bring"
  • The Moldy Peaches Who's Got The Crack
    "Theres no such thing As a harmless joke Theres no such thing As a gentle toke Theres no such thing As panama jack Whos got the crack Whos got the crack Whos got the crack Whos got the crack I am a goat In"
  • Sammy Hagar Crack In The World
    "I found out what it is that's been driving me mad There's no room to breathe between the good and the bad A crush in-between, there's a thin, thin line But just 'round the corner, there's a change in"
  • The Buzzcocks Up For The Crack
    "Talking like you're some big news Now you've got a chance to choose Baby there's nothing to lose Yeah, I'm up for the crack Maybe there's something to see Something about you and me Who knows what it"
  • The Beach Boys Crack At Your Love
    "I've been keepin' my eyes on you I finally found the nerve to talk to you There's something that you ought to know Don't you know that I love you so Our life together could be eternal bliss If we could"
  • Mr. T Experience Look Back And Crack
    "They told you that you could be anything you want to be you just have to choose now your life's a living hell cause you're stuck with yourself and we're stuck with you you're with it hip to it up on it"
  • GWAR Crack In The Egg
    "The egg was spawned in our mutation pit In the bowels of your Feeding on the blood of you loinspawn And all the filthy load that was blown What it looks like, I care not I just hope it kills a lot Crack"
  • Longwave We're Not Gonna Crack
    "We're not gonna crack, Not a bit, We're not gonna stop, At nothing. Anything you do, it's nothing changed Anywhere you go, We're coming in. And when it gets in you, It sets in you, And then you know"
  • GWAR Back In The Crack
    "This journey Without time Always the beginning Yet..perpetual end Found we'd never left This time A battle un-won In the center of it again For this time death is at our command Returned to our former"
  • Spock's Beard Crack The Big Sky
    "We played the liberation game They gave a war - someone came We dropped the torch . . . easy Let's all go down and dance in the rain Anything could happen then Which scared the king and all his men We"

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