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Bosson 10.000 Feet

    "There's a fork in the road in front of me, At the crossroads of identity. The Devil is standing to the left. He says: "Either way, they both lead to death." And the high road's steady and steep, And the"
  • Six Feet Under - Miss Conduct
    "It's hard to paint a picture When you're already in the frame Pull the focus closer And you'll see me there And you may as well Bury me now For I am dying to know She said don't worry Cause you look beautiful"
  • Six Feet Under - King Diamond
    "My family just couldn't wait, I should have seen it coming What a nice CONSPIRACY, what a nice suprise But now it's all too late I am six feet under, It's so very hard to breath My family, they put me"
  • Six Feet Under - Phantom
    "Feeding off the old lies of the new world Casting off and spinning in a rage Teeth bared for biting as the spring winds Claw, crash and rattle in the cage Down, down, down You'll be six feet under Kick"
  • On my feet - Norton
    "I've been lyin' in the shadows In the corner of my room Turned off the lights Gave up the fight There was nothing I could do Then I just woke up on morning I put on my walkin' shoes, and I'm back on my"
  • Hands And Feet - Newsboys
    "An image flashed across my T.V. screen another broken heart comes into view I saw the pain and I turned my back Why can't I do the things I want to? I am willing yet am so afraid you give me strength"
  • Six Feet Under - The Weeknd
    "Ask around about her She don't get emotional Kill off all her feelings That's why she ain't approachable She know her pussy got a fanbase A couple niggas with a suitcase Suit and tie niggas who play roleplay When"
  • Two little feet - Greg Brown
    "Two little feet to get me 'cross the mountaintwo little feet to carry me away into the woodstwo little feet, big mountain, and acloud comin' down cloud comin' down cloud comin' downI hear the voice of"
  • Under my feet - Moody Blues
    "It's a hard life Never let yourself get down You may never get back You may never ever turn it round You may say it took you by surprise Never ending Never changing I didn't see through your disguise (It"
  • 6 Feet under - Ana Johnsson
    "You just left me six feet under ground I'm burning at the sight of the light I'm down here six feet under buryed alive, with one open eye Every time you come around you leave me broken What have I done"

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