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Charity vance two birds

  • Your Kisses Are Charity - Dolly Parton
    "(G. O' Dowd, R. Hay, M. Craig & J. Moss) Last night you breathed the deepest sigh Turned away with those gold cold cool eyes You said won't you give me space to breathe But my tears gave you confidence"
  • Sister of a charity - The 69 Eyes
    "A new day for a mission.Another sunrise in your heart.Give me tears of the wrong.The hate of convicts.Glamour of the damned.Rule of Benedict.I never seen a dawn like this before.Tears of the night turn"
  • Sweet Charity In Adoration - China Crisis
    "China Crisis Diary Of A Hollow Horse Sweet Charity In Adoration You say you're changing You say you've changed You feel inspired Say you are in love You say there's beauty Beauty in my world Like yourself"
  • Two Faced Promises - Headhunter
    "Now finally our country, Is reunited history Now east is released No doubt for me An upward trend for economy But far from it, our unity Gets financed from our charity We got to bleed, get forced to pay That's"
  • The charity of night - Bruce Cockburn
    "Big city, Europa, July of 64. It's 5AM. Weather blowing bitter off the Baltic. Car slows beside him as he walks, hubcaps slow revolution, jaundiced looking pockmarked face round and windburn, short greasy"
  • Two Different Worlds - LL Cool J
    "You know I don't understand why you treat me like this It's almost like you feel like you're from two different worlds (Well, we are Todd) I don't think so You should have a listen to me right now I"
  • Two Left Feet - Anya Marina
    "You retreat, I advance You cry on graves while I dance You will ebb, and I will flow I'm so sure about you, you don't know The more I love you, the more you stray The more I hate you, the more you come"
  • Two For Joy - Electrelane
    "I''ve no sorrow If I''m glad Oh! Let me show it! Did you see those birds take flight? She opened her hand And they flew across the room How the morning skies are high I watch them as they turn from"
  • Table for two - Caedmon's Call
    "Danny and I Spent anther late night over pancakes we talked about soccer And how every man's just the same We made speculation On the who's and the when's of our futures And how everyone's lonely But still"
  • Table For Two - Caedmons Call
    "Danny and I spent another late night over pancakes, Talkin' 'bout soccer And how every man's just the same We made speculation On the who's and the when's of our futures And how everyone's lonely But"

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