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Chemikals Brother radiate

  • Brother Man, Brother Man - Big Daddy Kane
    "brother man, brother man uhh, a brother man, brother.. man, yeah! brother man, brother.. man, go 'head brother man, brother.. man, yeah! a brother man, brother man, uhh a brother man, brother.."
  • Brother Moon - Axxis
    "There's a shining in the sky It's a really good friend of mine A light from high above A mysterious, magic sign Well, it covers everything with grey When the day is away And I'm praying when it's"
  • Soul Brother - Queen
    "God bless my soul here he comes now The man with the most how does he do it? Sure he's got style he's so heavy He's a trip can do anything Anything anything He's my soul brother He's my best friend he's"
  • Baby Brother - The White Stripes
    "Hey! My little baby brother used to play down on the floor, But now he's not satisfied to do it anymore. He's got a funny habit and I don't know why, He walks around the ceiling now, stepping on the flies. Baby"
  • Space Brother - Phideaux
    "When you coming Space Brother You been here before Are you coming Space Brother You've been here before I'll be here I'll be here I'll be waiting here I'll be here I'll be here I'll wait here for you I"
  • Big Brother - RBD
    "Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Hello Big Brother, Te presiento hasta en mis sueos, y en tu juego me voy consumiendo, eres un gran misterio que a diario tengo que descifrar. Hello"
  • Brother John - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "Turn around for something better Children give up don't you ever Remember that the devil's clever Brother John, where are you, why are you sleeping? Brother John, why are you, where are you sleeping? Take"
  • Blood Brother - Artension
    "Lost inside emotion, searching for myself came across a memory of me as someone else Didn't recognize me, Didn't know what to do in another lifetime I could have been you Blood Brother, look into the"
  • Brother Thrush - Barclay James Harvest
    "Brother Thrush, how you fly so high Way up in the clouds The trees resound with open arms For one so rare Brother Man just can't compare When we're sitting on the banks of the sunshine We hear your song High"
  • Fade Away And Radiate (Live In Philadelphia 1978) - Blondie
    "Ooh baby, I hear how you spend nighttime: Wrapped like candy in a blue blue neon glow. Fade away and radiate. Fade away, radiate. Ooh baby, watchful lines vibrate soft in brainwave time. Silver pictures"

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