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Evi Vine

  • We're In This Love Together - Al Jarreau
    "It's like a diamond ring- It's a precious thing And we never want to lose it . It's like a favorite song That we love to sing Every time we hear the music . chorus: We're in this love together. We got"
  • Plurabelle - Athenaeum
    "Pull me from the undertow Release me to the overflow of love And guide me into the morrow Hey you where you running to Be patient and love will come to you Hold on Kiss me Guiltly we know we are Of only Being"
  • Bottle Of Wine - Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs
    "Bottle of wine, Fruit of the vine, When you gonna let me get sober? Leave me alone, Let me go home, Let me go home and start over Ramblin' around this dirty old town, Singin' for nickles and dimes Times"
  • Bad Bone - The Frames
    "There's a bad bone inside of me all my troubles started there and all the cracks are adding up to be a little more than you can bare when i met you, you were bitter still from a scar you're never gonna"
  • The Loving Kind - Billie Jo Spears
    "THE LOVING KIND WRITERS ROGER BOWLING, LARRY BUTLER Somewhere I heard these words one time Love is like a clinging vine Wrap me 'round your heart And 'round your mind I've never had to cling to you 'Cause"
  • The Garden - Vigil
    "Lying in the cool blue shade of big leaves They gracefully sway in the slight breeze Watching the vine dancing at my feet Birds play games on the ivy wall And sweetly sing their mating calls Complete contented"
  • Mystified - Danni Minogue
    "Yeah, yeah yeahUh-huh lately, you ain't been the sameYou're always saying, you ain't playin' gamesOoh you go too far I need to get my hands untiedPull myself together, I won't listen to your lies!Chorus:Mystified,"
  • Jupiter - Cave In
    "the metronome was wrong again my heart has surely gone and skipped a beat now the rhythm is all right and i can understand your point of view jupiter this city is so bright the kind of light that"
  • Grape, Grape Joy - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) I am a small and lonely grape Clutching to the vine Waiting for the day when I'll become my Savior's wine Oh wouldn't French cusisine just yearn it I've eternity to ferment But knowing me"
  • Psiquico - Kapanga
    "Psquico, psquico. Vine a hipotecarles el futuro Psquico, psquico. Que nadie toque mi sillón !! Soy yo otra vez, no me cres, aunque me digan que no pueda voy igual, Como Chapln, como Gardel, Con ese nombre"

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