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  • Try To Be - Schaeffer
    "Those shoes that you wore and that shirt from the thrift store dont make you anymore Cause this scenes so dead and all of these people seem to looking, searching, begging for more So dont try to be, try"
  • Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin
    "Dancing days are here again as the summer evenings grow I got my flower, I got my power, I got a woman who knows. I said it's alright. You know it's alright - I guess it's all in my heart You'll"
  • Just A Few Words - Kasia Dereń
    "A thousand questions inside my mind though I know for you I always tried only the wind could see my sad eyes and you were the one who couldn’t realise maybe it was a dream that should belong to me but"
  • Breaking No One's Heaven - Peter Murphy
    "Four skies in one night The earth from your face It takes one It takes two It takes three to make a bird Fly from that blossom tree The earth from your face From your eyes Looks like a groovy place Keeps"
  • The Quest - Ten Foot Pole
    "Watching old home movies, the seeds so evident Little did I know back then what my tapping fingers meant A compulsive urge to hum a tune, to touch a piano key In every sound and rhythmscape, I found a"
  • The Sweet And Sour Speech - Across Five Aprils
    "Roll down the windows, the AC's busted. 12 hours from home and empty pockets. Didn't get our garuntee another show for free. All for the sake of this rock n roll. It's time to switch drivers. My shift's"
  • The Death Of Faith And Reason - Redemption
    "Wipe out all the wonder from creation Replace it all with fractals And synthesize the beauty and design Pulling wings off spiritual flies So smug and oh so certain That yours is the enlightened state of"
  • Paperback - Envy On The Coast
    "I'm cynical, they say... Petrified, maybe. Disgusted by his ways, A conscious is clear and I fear it is free to betray Premeditated crime, He plans and drinks until it's time A crutch to use upon"
  • Animal - Flesh Field
    "Feel the rage, the fascination. Feel the hate, and the retaliation. Hide away in your lies. A necessary evil to silence your cries. Born a beast, a sinful thing. Born an angel with broken wings. Live in"
  • Times Of Separation - ZAO
    "Once again to strive, to beat it out Over and over again. So worn, worked over With the intention to kill. To watch him die and smile At his dismay, His pain, My deliverance. My cleanliness a gift of freedom. My"

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