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Forewe yang

  • Intro - Ying-Yang-Yo
    "En un Mundo de Caos y Confucon, Hermano y Hermana Pelean los Dos. Yin,Yang,Yo(Repetido 5 Veces) Yin: EL FUE! Yang: ELLA FUE! Yin es mstica y tiene poder, con rayos y hechizos ella sabe que hacer Yang"
  • Sounds of Freedom - Patti Yang Group
    "„Sounds of Freedom” to singel zapowiadający płytę Patti Yang Group „War On Love”. Premiera 22 listopad 2019 roku."
  • Armageddon - Ying Yang Twins
    "yeah,this is the ying yang and we won't to let u know that every 1000 years some'em happen 999 years done passed we came to last ahh. (chorus) its the mutha fucking year of the so let us do our thing"
  • Sound Off - Ying Yang Twins
    "Sound Off (Chorus) ONE, TWO, you know what to do ONE, TWO, you know what to do SOUND OFF, all my hoes in this muthafucker SOUND OFF, all my niggas in this muthafucker SOUND OFF, Ying Yang in this muthafucker SOUND"
  • Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk!) - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Intro: Ying Yang Twins) Oh! Okay, okay, okay, Ahhh! Hey I'm trying to get crunk See 'em (Chorus: Ying Yang Twins) Tell 'em how we gonna come (CRUNK) Tell 'em why they don't want none (CRUNK) Tell"
  • Water - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Intro) Ladies & Thugs please Report to the dance floor Its Ying Yang Twins and Were about to take over the GAME GAME GAME GAME (Hook) (D-Roc) Say 1 Say 2 Say U know what to do We gone start the fun Were"
  • Atl Eternally - Ying Yang Twins
    "ATL Eternally (Ying Yang) Yeahhhhhhh ok Its about to go down in this muthafucka tonight ahhh huh Real niggas put your muthafucken middle finga up (Chrous)X-2 Dont want to fuck wit us niggas We click,"
  • Crank It Up - Ying Yang Twins
    "Crank It Up (Chrous) Get Krunk Straight up out the dirty (Right nigga we get you krunk) Goddamned you dont like this (Ying Yang in this thang betta lite cigars) See some say we came But we gonna show"
  • Ms. New Booty - Ying Yang Twins
    "(feat. Bubba Sparxx) (Intro: Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx) (Chorus (Ying Yang Twins)) Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere (3x) Rockin' everywhere (2x) (Bubba Sparxxx) I found you MS NEW"
  • Intro - Ying Yang Twins
    "Ahhhh shit Ya'll know what time it is (What time is it) It's the return of the motha f**kin ying yang twins And you know this is your boy Collipark And we back on the fifth L.P. We back in this biz baby,"

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