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Gda������skie Rewiry sliver

  • America Snoring - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "I hear you America snoring I hear you America snoring Did ya see it on TV Or in your own backyard Gate's LAPD And they called The National Guard Then the tanks came rolling down Sunset Boulevard And"
  • Angeline - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Best Of-hell & High Water-ari Angeline By dickey betts, mike lawler and johnny cobb (c) 1980 emi blackwood music inc., pangola publishing company and Milene music, inc. Ridin'"
  • Angeline - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band Dreams Angeline by Dickey Betts, Mike Lawler and Johnny Cobb (c) 1980 EMI Blackwood Music Inc., Pangola Publishing Company and Milene Music, Inc. Ridin' in a long gray limousine. Sittin'"
  • Before You Sleep - Cochise
    "Close your eyes And try to see Magic words between your dreams Gently flies around the moon .. stars and sliver spoon Fall in love with rose again Chasing clouds And play with rain Golden sheep And you"
  • City Of Motors - Soul Coughing
    "Three times dark, first in the mind Second on Java Street, the dead car there The hood blown out with a BB gun Manuela said she saw the brakes fail Manuela said she saw the brakes fail An empty body, but"
  • I Know Where I Stand - Johnny Gill
    "Seen the world It's crumbling all around me A place to go Where I felt safe In search of help I fell down on my knees I pray to lord Please keep my way Doors open I've never know When I ask faith He'll"
  • No Sale - Suicide Machines
    "The wind was chill as we sat on the steps, I could see the vapor form from you breath, Well, your lips were red and your skin so pale, But your cash register read no sale, well The moon was set against"
  • Silver And Cold - A.F.I.
    "I, I came here by day but i left here in darkness and found you, found you on the way. now it is sliver and silent. it is sliver and cold. you, in somber resplendence, i hold. your sins into me oh my beautiful"
  • It Hurts To Say Goodbye - Vera Lynn
    "Vera Lynn - It hurts to say Goodbye Take me in your arms and hold me tight, tell me that your love is mine tonight, say that everything will turn up right, it hurts to say goodbye. Let me know the thrill"
  • Nie musz - WWO
    "nie muszę być geniuszem żeby wiedzieć że każdy kto kapuje starą kurwą jest czujesz, ponad 200 metrów jeśli znasz ekipy od przekrętów i swetrów na odległość centymetrów słowa są zważone i zmierzone"

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