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Gene Clark Tried So Hard

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Gene Clark Tried So Hard
  • Shakaya Never Tried
    "Never Tried Verse 1 (Simone) One night I looked into the sky Sweet thoughts of you just passed me by Stars twinkling right up into space I see your face Verse 2 (Naomi) I'm lookin' deeper into your eyes But"
  • Angela Bofill I Tried
    "I tried to do the best I can for you but it seems it's not enough And you know I care, even when you're not there But it's not what you want You close your door when I want to give you more And I feel,I"
  • Greg Brown So hard
    "Why is it so hard?Why is it so hard?Why is it so hard?Why is it so hard,to love, love,really love somebody,love somebody?You can talk about it.You can talk about it.Sit up all night,and talk about it.Yeah"
  • Dixie Chicks So Hard
    "Back when we started We didn't know how hard it was Living on nothing But what the wind would bring to us Now we've got something I can imagine fighting for So why is fighting all that we're good at anymore And"
  • Cold Chisel So Hard
    "They're so hard Women, that is So hard And all that I ever know Of you Is the damage you can do And it breaks the other way, I know It's so hard For so long You were the one For so long, now Anyone who"
  • Maliah So Hard
    "Interlude (Phone Ringing) Guy: Hello (Silence) Girl: (Crying) It's so hard Guy: What's so hard? Who's this? Girl: (Still crying) It's me. Gettin over this nigga is impossible Guy: Calm down. Tell"
  • Shelby Sifers So Hard
    "It looks so hard to be easy. How do you work in those red stiletto heels, Kathy? You want a puff of my cig, you want a swig of my gin, 'cause I know the nights are long. No sleep till the sun starts seeping"
  • Ciara So Hard
    "Oooooooooooo He made it so hard To trust someone He made it so hard To fall in love Not tryna mess up this relationship (thinking) Cause the last man did me that way You gon' do the same things I Don't"
  • Voice Of The Beehive So Hard
    "(By Tracey Bryn, Peter Vettese & Melissa Belland) I have a destiny, I have a vision dear It's as translucent and rain and glass are clear i am a problem girl, I have a habit old If I got silver I'd"
  • Marty Robbins Gene Autry, My Hero
    "The childhood memories I treasure the most I suppose Are the Saturday afternoons spent at the town picture show I worked all day long in the fields but at night I would dream Of seeing Gene Autry go ridin'"

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