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Gromee one

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Gromee one
  • Rebecca St. James One
    "Tell me can I get a witness here Listen up while the music's pumpin' Come on everybody gather 'round Tell me what He's done in your life If you wanna make a difference here If you're ready to belive in"
  • Kendall Payne One
    "Is it getting better? Or do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you now? That youve got someone to blame You say One love, one Life, When its one need in the night One love we get to share it,"
  • Paul Brandt One
    "Don't expect me to just stand back And let this one go by This kind of love comes along one forever at a time Girl, I'd be crazy not to try I've got one chance to make you mine CHORUS: Two hearts, two"
  • Hear'Say One
    "Every time I get a little pressure from you Stressin 'bout the things that you wanna do Talking like we could have been should have been Here there everywhere You gotta realise I'm not the kind of girl Who"
  • Heart Evangelista One
    "One By Heart Evangelista One Night, One Kiss Only One Feeling Exist One Breath, One Touch But I've Never Felt This Much And I, I Wanna Share My Whole Life With You I Wanna Keep On Dreaming Dreams"
    "(Vince Gill) Every litle whisper every little sound Brings me comfort whenever you're around A heart full of wonder and sweet reverie Gives me a reason a reason to believe Forever's just begun We'll"
  • Cryo one
    "I will show you now Show you what to do And with no hesitation So you do Just another one And once again It will soon be over You know when Don't think of the pain I caused you Don't think of the things"
  • Faith Hill One
    "I've tried with all my might But still don't understand why we ever let it get so out of hand My arms are reaching out and holding on tight To what it always felt so right It's hard to figure out the answers"
  • Alimee Mann One
    "One is the loneliest numberThat you'll ever doTwo can be as bad as oneIt's the loneliest number since the number oneNo is the saddest experienceYou'll ever knowYes, it's the saddest experienceYou'll ever"
  • Stephen Simmonds One
    "1st verse In light of all the evil things, I'm done I believe there is only one who can embrace my soul with purifying love Your beauty is comparable to none many moons and many suns will pass, our love"

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