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Hair - Aquarius

  • Bumblebee Hair - At Dawn They Sleep
    "hey you girl, why don't you look to my face why don't you please fly, fly to my world the unnegative sign, on your lips is something I want to feel, and I will be healed take my hand, and guide me to"
  • Teeny's Hair - Grant Hart
    "Teeny's hair hangs down gently to her shoulder She doesn't look any older Than she did when she was young There is a room filled with the stolen Mona Lisas De Milo's broken pieces That's where the pictures"
  • Angel hair - Babes In Toyland
    "Angel hair Floating over there Well you think I don't see? I see clear through I see little fish in my sea little sea All the birds have turned to hawks in me Living vicariously You are 3 Stick your sickness"
  • Twisted Hair - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Twisted Hair This was the way of it Let the story fires be lighted Let our circle be strong and full of medicine Hear me This is my dream song that i'm singing for you This is"
  • Perfect Hair - Danger Doom
    "(MF Doom) Perfect hair, to the second power of forever Ask him do he need it? Hells yeah, now or never On a mission with friends of fair weather Sooner the better, off to Mt. Tuna, wear your leather prepared"
  • Lakewater Hair - Minnie Driver
    "Lakewater hair, The sweetest smile you've seen for awhile In the green tipped afternoon. Trade the sun for the moon and the velvet of the night, Gives you a buzz, gives you a second sight, You know that"
  • Hockey hair - Atmosphere
    "(You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having) You can't imagine how much fun we're having Stop it there without a care to what you've got to fear Keep it all betwen your beer and your hockey hair A lot"
  • Twisted Hair - Robbie Robertson
    "This was the way of it Let the story fires be lighted Let our circle be strong and full of medicine Hear me This is my dream song that I'm singing for you This is my power song that is taking me to the"
  • Chest Hair - Spiderbait
    "He used to live with a knife in the wall Blonde to the bone, liked to piss out the door Maidens of Eire licked his arse every day Thought he could talk, just had nothing to say He loved to say "Don't"
  • Long Hair - Teenage Fanclub
    "(Love) I believe in everything I see Why believe in everything you hear? Everyday I pray That this fear just slips away And I'm holding all these memories of you Can you believe that your dreams are"

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