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  • Antichrist And Bar Codes - Current 93
    "antichrist and barcodes in the air that we breathe with a little black box i hide in the sky in the water that trickles in our mouths in the codes that flicker are lives on and off does the carton nights starts"
  • Splitting Atoms - Lamya
    "I was thinking of this Plan Of codes and anagrams divine The juxtaposition of past and present time That was mine I spent blind In someone else's state of mind I lost my way In all the shades of grey And"
  • The Tension And The Terror - Straylight Run
    "All the boys voices cracking, Oh, the moaning half tones, Come summer time, We're all the same age here, All the tension and the terror, Thin limbed gorgeous green eyes smiling, And I'm going straight"
  • I Got It (ft. Rick Ross) - Ashanti
    "Been intense since it all began Don't ask me about it cause I got it I work hard, yeah, I put work in He shining up and I drive it I ain't saying that I'm bragging, babe I just like to celebrate my accolades Push"
  • Time Passes On - Orleans
    "Time Passes On Time passes on like a river that must always run; now you are gone but I will have you till time is done. You can never take away the love you gave me yesterday, and I don't have to capture"
  • Happy Birthday Girl - Sondre Lerche
    "Looking for something to pass on through Searching for something to say to you Even though everything has been said Somehow there's still something left to add And while the satellite's asleep Somewhere"
  • Einfuhlungsvermogen - Burzum
    "(Die Kraft Des Mitgefhls)The gods have just managed to tie Fanjariho to the ground. Tiw lost his right hand during the process; it was the wolf's security, a guarantee he would not be tricked; but he was"
  • Deep Beneath An Ancient Dominion - Varathron
    "(Previously unreleased) The golden cities once ?Desperately loved to rose From fathomless grey mass - Blue lakes and abyssic mountains Fear, for something that will gonna be Fear, for something that"
  • Ethereal Visions Part I - Aes Dana
    "This night, life is hanging heavily in me, as an oppressing burden, Repugnant by her irony of intoxicating happiness, Irritating by her provoking cynicism, As she attempts to atone for the little strength"
  • Elaine - Beborn Beton
    "On Fridays we usually went for a walk tasting dew dripping down from the fruits as we paused, sweet as honey the dew even sweeter were you back then I could have sworn you're the one On the way we would"

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