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I wanna wish you

  • Wish - Fates Warning
    "Was standing in the darkness I was watching over you And all the fears came drifting back With every little breath you drew Wished upon a falling star Cold and pale against the night And all the fears"
  • Wish - Dope
    "About time better make up your mind You ain't gonna find me Showtime better wake up and die Someone rewind me I don't ever want to stop this, no I can't even breathe I don't even want fat pockets But it'd"
  • Wish - Will Hoge
    "i remember as the seasons turned to fall wind was sitting and the leaves fell...hinting a sign of the near winter's ball chill in the air as i strolled down the front steps looking for a tale to tell"
  • Wish - Tvxq
    "ije nae ane geu sowon damaseo geudae himdeureo jimyeon jageun son jaba julgeyo geudaeui maeume naega eoptjyo heomhan sesangi wonhadeushi ddo honjara midjyo So easily mamnoha shirin gaseum boimyeon wiroga"
  • I wish she told me - 3rd Wish
    "The night crew cold as the tears came to her eyes it was like the rain just fell and the desert turned to ice I never knew the news Id bring coud hurt her in this way this picture perfect girl just hides"
  • Don't You Wish - Vera Vuitton
    "I wake up, It's 4 a.m. Looked up at the clock Started dreamin' of you again All the time You act so blind I know you see a girl in heat Feelin' me, Readin' me But damn You such a nice hottie Well then"
  • Don't You Wish - Wila Ford
    "Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Wake up It's four AM Looked up at my clock Started dreamin' of you again All the time You act so blind I"
  • As You Wish - Aqueduct
    "(Pleeeeease), I beg you for my life, (For true love waits), You see I must survive, (Good night, sleep well,) (Good work today) I'll probably kill you in the morning. But for tonight (pleeease) I beg"
  • Wish You Would - Ludacris
    "(feat. T.I.) Surprise nigga, It was bound to happen sooner or later History has been made ATL YEEEEEAAAAAA Cause I got it, All these haters wanna grill me But fuck that, I'm bout my money if it kills"
  • I Wish I Could - Collin Raye
    "Looking out my window See you playing in the leaves It's amazing how a little girl Means all the world to me When I tell you that I love you I love you more than words can say Smile, say cheese pretty-please I"

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