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  • Porter Wagoner I See A Bridge
    "I SEE A BRIDGE WRITER Charlie Louvin and Ira Louvin I see a bridge a way to cross the River of Strife River of Strife I'm not smart I'm not strong many needs I called were wrong And my heart is often"
  • Bad Religion Frogger
    "{Nice going Spazz} I'm tired of this city All this toil and strife Tryin' to cross the boulevard Playin' frogger with my life Frogger with my life Frogger with my life I'm tired of this city All this toil"
  • Millencolin Punk Rock Rebel
    "Hardcore skater used to be One of few who inspired me To get into the punkrock scene The year I turned seventeen Our first song ever Danny wrote For teenage angst he was the antidote An uncut diamond"
  • Harmony Take Me Away
    "Just when my life is moving slowly up a hill Something happens and it's back in the dungeons Is this my punishment for my past sins? Take me away I don't wanna stay It's a useless life Full of nothing"
  • Baustelle Un Romantico A Milano
    "Mamma che ne dici di un romantico a Milano? fra i Manzoni preferisco quello vero:Piero Leggi c' un maniaco sul 'Corriere della Sera' la sua mano per la zingara di Brera nera Fuggi cosa fuggi non c' modo"
  • Deathspell Omega Blessed Are The Dead Whiche Dye In The Lorde
    "Stare wide-eyed at this dense pitch boiling by the art divine Amniotic liquid of another kind That flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of god Behold the transformation, servant Incise and devour"
  • Buck Owens Hello Happiness Goodbye Loneliness
    "Hello happiness, goodbye loneliness Farewell heartaches and so long strife No more sadness only gladness My little darling's coming home tonight. Well, now she called me today Said she's on her way That"
  • Tears For Beers Jacobites
    "Ye Jacobites by name, give an ear, give an ear! Ye Jacobites by name, give an ear, Ye Jacobites by name, Your fautes I will proclaim, Your doctrines I maun blame - you shall hear! What is Right,"
  • Rebel Meets Rebel Get Outta My Life
    "I've been cool for far too long Just a matter of time before I break I took more shit than I wanted to take You can't look me in the eyes Somethings gone wrong and you know I know I'm like a stick of dynamite"
  • Stutterfly The Breath
    "Fire from ashes You take flight And enter darkness Illuminate this life Burn away the fear inside Take away this pain and strife Be purified Fall, from above So tired, of waiting and watching Fill the"

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