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Inxs mistify

  • Shine - INXS
    "Making up my life Killer in the night Rattling my brains Looking for that light Shine, shine Ah shine so bright, shine When does that thing I want to breathe her in Throw away my world If I could see"
  • Let It Ride - INXS
    "The sky is blue I'm watching you The grass is green what does it mean Clouds are white don't loose that fight Generations oversight is fucking up my poetry Let it ride, ride, ride Ride, ride, ride Ride,"
  • Beautiful Girl - INXS
    "Nicky's in the corner With a black coat on Running from a bad home With some cat inside Now where did you find her Among the neon lights That haunt the streets outside Stay with me Beautiful girl (stay"
  • Deliver Me - INXS
    "Deep down is a mystery All I wanna know is why Your ways are taking over All the apple in my eye I'm in a crowded room Can't hear a single word they say They're just a darkened face I don't believe I"
  • Devil Inside - INXS
    "Here comes the woman With the look in her eye Raised on leather With flesh on her mind Words as weapons sharper than knives Makes you wonder how the other half die Other half die Here come the man With"
  • Disappear - INXS
    "Say I'm crying I'm looking at what's on T.V Pain and suffering And the struggle to be free It can't ever be denied and I Never will ignore But when I see you coming I can take it all You're so fine Lose"
  • Heaven Sent - INXS
    "Your eyes are like deep wells of desire Once in your arms I'm on fire You were sent girl so perfectly true Changing my life Now I'm a survivor Heaven sent That's what I call you Heaven sent That's what"
  • Listen Like Thieves - INXS
    "On the talk back show On the radio At the local bar In the hot traffic By the red tail lights Everybody's down on their knees Listen like thieves But who needs that When it's all in your hands And we"
  • New Sensation - INXS
    "Live baby live Now that the day is over I got a new sensation In perfect moments Impossible to refuse Sleep baby sleep Now that the night is over And the sun comes like a god Into our room All perfect"
  • Original Sin - INXS
    "You might know of the original sin And you might know how to play with fire But did you know of the murder committed In the name of love - yeah You thought what a pity Dream on white boy Dream on black"

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