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  • Le Releve - Yann Tiersen
    "Dj je m'loigne de l'enseigne verte qui clairait nos nuits et rythmait nos heures. Je n'y peux rien en quelque sorte, faut voir tout ce qu'on nous foutait dessus comme modles et lignes suivre. J'ai pris"
  • La Dispute - Yann Tiersen
    "Anyway, i can try anything it's the same circle that leads to nowhere and i'm tired now. anyway, i've lost my face, my dignity, my look, everything is gone and i'm tired now. but don't be scared, i found"
  • Life On Mars - Yann Tiersen
    "It's a God awful small affair To the girl with the mousey hair, But her mummy is yelling, "No!" And her daddy has told her to go, But her friend is no where to be seen. Now she walks through her sunken"
  • A Ton Etoile - Yann Tiersen
    "Sous la lumire en plein Et dans l'ombre en silence Si tu cherches un abri Inaccessible Dis-toi qu'il n'est pas loin et qu'on y brille A ton toile Petite soeur de mes nuits a m'a manqu tout a Quand tu"
  • Guilty - Yann Tiersen
    "is it a sin, is it a crime loving you dear like i do if it's a crime, then, i'm guilty guilty of loving you maybe i'm wrong dreaming of you dreaming the lonely night thru if it's a crime, then, i'm guilty guilty"
  • Summer 78 (instrumental) - Yann Tiersen
    "Where are you now Can't you see me Where are you now Can't you hear me Falling, trying Searching, losing Falling, trying Searching, losing Where is this land We've built for us Where are the streets We've"
  • Bagatelle - Yann Tiersen
    "Tiens, une petite voix me glisse quatre vrits Qui passent la rampe et gravissent l'escalier Les jambes tirent et les yeux ont tourn Va savoir, o la bouche est tombe Comme museau lev j'coute, la voix je"
  • L'effondrement - Yann Tiersen
    "i can preak up my ears and hear so clearly, the collapse of things and the drop in the sink. i can open my eyes and see so clearlly, flowers on the curtains and the old days to come, anyway it's buble"
  • La Parade - Yann Tiersen
    "Another day to live Anotehr way to go Nobody's in this room Nobody's here for now Wake up early I know it's too late Too late for the parade Look at my feet Moving slowly I'm afraid it's over Naked A bit"
  • La rupture - Yann Tiersen
    "Windows, doors, walls and carpets, Chairs, tables and flowers, Bread, wine, butter and jam, Fries, meat, beans and all spices. I've lost the taste of these things for two weeks now. I'm just waiting for"

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