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  • Weather Experience - The Prodigy
    "Wales, and in the more central and southern parts, it'll be a fine dry day. Good deal of sunshine to begin with, clouding over somewhat later on. But for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and in"
  • Red Money - David Bowie
    "Oh, can you feel it in the way That a man is not a man? Can you see it in the sky That the landscape is too high? Like a nervous disease And it's been there all along It will tumble from the sky It's"
  • Don't look down - The Stooges
    "Dont look downTheyre making sort of crazy soundsSo, why be bored?Who scared you?And why stay there?Its no piece of cakeWhen I hear that crazy soundI dont look down.From Central Park to Shanty TownI always"
  • Arctic Circle - Septic Flesh
    "Sailing to the unfriendly regions of the North. Some whales were following us, making sounds of warning. The curious giants were playing with each other, Spying on the expedition's ships. The Arctic Circle"
  • Dear John - Diesel Boy
    "Dear John, The Dakota's looking beautiful today Azure blue and lonesome gray And a view of Central Park Mr. Salinger's Masterpiece of anarchy A photo from the land of Oz And a Playboy magazine Like a fire"
  • Long Train Running - Ligabue
    "(Doobie brothers) Down around the corner a half a mile from here You see them old trains runnin' and you watch them disappear Without love where would you be now Without love You know I saw miss Lucy down"
  • Don't Look Down - Iggy Pop
    "don't look down they're making sorta crazy sounds don't look down , no don't know who else came to kneel on this empty battlefield but when i hear that crazy s0und, i don't look down from central park"
  • New York City - Flashlight Brown
    "crime frank sinatra new years eve bouncing souls krs1 big apple mafia bums statue of liberty seinfeld letterman time square guns spider man mets the ramones the bronx cats the musical we've"
  • Don't Look Down - David Bowie
    "Don't look down They're making sorta crazy sounds Don't look down, no Don't know who else came to kneel On this empty battlefield But when I hear that crazy sound, I don't look down From Central Park to"
  • Symmetry Of Zero - Decapitated
    "Thickening mass of reality Curve the existence descends to zero Crowd loosing its colors Tightening nature points at the middle Weighing of central point The other side of existence arrives Reflection"

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