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Jacaro - Deja vu

  • Take Me Back (Deja' Vu) - Van Halen
    "I thought I saw you from a distance I swore I'd found you once again Touched on that feelin' for an instant Could not recall just where or when Oh, no Some desert island off Morocco We had a love so hard"
  • Mugen No Deja Vu Kara - Glay
    "Konya wa wa dare ga naite iru no? Konya wa wa dare ga waratte iru no? Konya wa wa dare ga okotte iru no? Konya wa wa dare ga inotte iru no? Konya wa wa dare ga hashitte iru no? Konya wa wa dare ga utatte"
  • Deja Vu The Sins Of Science - Tears For Fears
    "Deja vuDeja vuI must learn to protect myselfI'm not a man of violenceI must learn to protect myselfFrom the sins of sciencePeople came and broke the lawBroke the vows of silenceI must learn to protect"
  • Deja Vu And The Sins Of Science - Tears For Fears
    "Deja Vu Deja vu I must learn to protect myself I'm not a man of violence I must learn to protect myself From the sins of science People came and broke the law Broke the vows of silence I must learn to"
  • Dj Vu - Human Nature
    "I wanna find that perfect moment To believe in love wanna spread my wings and fly But every time you get up close to me I'm constantly reminded How much tears can cost How much hope is lost when love dies "
  • J'ai vu - Garou
    "J'ai vu Berlin, Bucarest et Pkin comme si j'y tais.Matin et soir le nez dans la tl,c'est encore plus vrai.J'tais de tous les combats, colle devant l'cran.A la fois Soweto, en Chine et au Liban.Lancer"
  • Deja-Vu Ain't What It Used To Be - Skyclad
    "Have you heard the one 'bout when a most unlucky fella, Went visiting a fair-ground for to see a fortune-teller? She said; "Of all the palms I've read - yours is by far the worst. I'm duty-bound to tell"
  • Deja voodoo - 38 Special
    "Black lights, green eyes starin' me downThe moment I walked in the roomThere's this tall, dark woman who's dancin' aloneAnd she makes me wanna howl at the moon.Is this a dream, or is it that I've been"
  • Deja vue - Blue System
    "That's no lie, no dj vu Oh you trying, trying, trying to steal my heart away Away Oh, baby just tonight you're so good to me My number one 90 ways to fight with no guarantee We can't go wrong My heart"
  • Deja - Banda El Recodo
    "Deja decirte que te amo Que nunca hab?a sentido algo igual Eres luz de un lndo amanecer Mi motivo por lo que hoy vive mi ser Eres tu el aire al respirar Mi fortuna de saber lo que es amar CHORUS Deja decirte"

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