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Jeezy everythang

  • Streets On Lock  - Young Jeezy
    "Ay.Ay.Ay.Chea.Ay .Ay. Lets get it These niggas just hating they aint talking bout shit Im a grown ass man I flip my own brick I dont need yo help I can own my own dick Aint no motherfucker help me"
  • Last Of The Dying Breed - Young Jeezy
    "(Young Jeezy verse:) Welcome to da life of a young thug nigga (jea) Only hang out wit dem criminals and dem drug dealers (ayyy) I'm from even where da dead die (die) But try an do it big like da kid from"
  • Still On It  - Young Jeezy
    "Ya ya ey ya I'm back motherfuckers ya Ha ha ha ha ha ha This sounds like one nigga I ain't tryna sale 10 million copies nigga I'm tryna sale a million 10 times nigga It's another anthem right here nigga I"
  • That's How Ya Feel - Young Jeezy
    "Yeah, ay Jeah Ay nigga If you at the light right now nigga And the nigga sweating you my nigga Looking at you cause you got the big boy shoes on ya shit my nigga Ay roll down ya motherfucking window nigga Blow"
  • Bury Me A G  - Young Jeezy
    "Four shots to the chest, my niggas get at me They don' fucked around and fucked up my new white tee I'm just livin my life, why they mad at me Woke up this morning, I ain't see this coming Should I even"
  • Diamonds - Young Jeezy
    "Feat: Fabolous Diamonds On My Damn Chain! It Aint Hard To Tell! Diamonds In My Damn Chain! Diamonds In My Damn Chain! I'm like ooh daddy, I see you do the damn thang' Got my vote, I'm feelin'"
  • Stay Strapped - Young Jeezy
    "(ssheah!) (ay stay strapped, stay strapped, stay strapped, stay strapped nigga) (yall already kno wat time it is nigga, stay strapped stay strapped) (ssheah im in the streets errnight nigga, im in the"
  • Still On It - Young Jeezy
    "(intro) ya ya ey ya im back muthaf**kas ya haha haha haha this sounds like one nigga i aint tryna sale 10 million copies nigga im tryna sale a million 10 times nigga its anotha anthem right here nigga"
  • Soul Survivor  - Young Jeezy
    "(feat. Akon) Convict Akon and Young Jeezy Tryin' to take it easy Only way to go And So... If you lookin' for me I'll be on the block With my thang cocked possibly sittin' on a drop (Now) 'Cuz I'm"
  • U Know What It Is  - Young Jeezy
    "Ay bruh, I'ma tell you on some real shit homie You know what I'm sayin', you can't let this shit get to you dog Know what I'm sayin', it aint no pressure out there my nigga Everybody fucks wit' you cause"

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