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Jihn Hiatt

  • She Said The Same Things To Me - John Hiatt
    "You know she talks like ev'rybody in the room Was gonna listen in Carries on a conversation Like some others call their children in Tho you can't believe one sentence Man you hang on ev'ry word Til"
  • Living A Little, Laughing A Little - John Hiatt
    "Laugh everyone at the clown He's the best one in town, Ummm ummm Ride on his merry-go-round Spinning faster than sound Uuuuh huh Uuuuh huh Laugh as the funny man cries Though his makeup is smeared Uuuuh"
  • Slug Line - John Hiatt
    "I went to the marketplace They said they liked my face Better than a digital watch You got it, we're pros and we can spot it So I thought it was some disease But they were all on their knees Shakin'"
  • Madonna Road - John Hiatt
    "Ohs, yeahs, and ai ya yas Verse 1: Oh girl, yeah, yeah, yeah He says you almost need a bodyguard Just to go walking down the boulevard Little girl with their club feet You try to be so neat but"
  • I Want Your Love Inside Of Me - John Hiatt
    "Unlock these chains and let me out I want the love you're talkin' about I want a job, I wanna care I want to find you everywhere I want a house and a fireplace Screw the pain, I want a smile on"
  • I Killed An Ant With My Guitar - John Hiatt
    "I killed an ant With my guitar Underneath romantic Indiana stars He was a fool I was so cruel The power of music is no tool So I hit him in the head And now he's dead I killed him there By"
  • Motorboat To Heaven - John Hiatt
    "You bring out the fool in me The blind man at the bar Who whistles for his drink and his cane And shows everyone his scar You're lovely, and you're cruel You got me in a trance You put my soul"
  • The Lady Of The Night - John Hiatt
    "Oh the moon hangs down Like some old evening gown Forgotten by some lovely southern maiden Oh the stars are her tears And the sky a skin of years That she has most graciously given Now who"
  • Missing Pieces - John Hiatt
    "i spent all day staring al a leaf i know my time here is brief i'd like to get some details down before i move on to another town i met a man, he lost both arms got 'em caught up in her charms she"
  • Fly Back Home - John Hiatt
    "saw a red tailed hawk eatin' road kill said "Man, what happened to your dignity?" he said "Subdivisions have taken my home and there's no more pray to eat." i said, "Where we gonna live?" he said"

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