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Kawaii Nightcore - Happy Song

  • Happy You - Aivaras
    "Wanna show to you alone The world around us high and low Glowing stars and dancing Moon Happy I 'cause happy you Close your eyes and make a wish Could it be a scorching kiss You're my sweetest mountain"
  • Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha ureshii no ni kanashikunaru yo na anata wa totemo fushigina koibito sonna yutsu na kao shitetara mo nanimo hanasenakunaru darekani koi shite mata furaretan desho happy"
  • Stupidly Happy - XTC
    "I'm stupidly happy Everything's fine I'm stupidly happy My heart pumping wine I'm stupidly happy With idiot grin I'm stupidly happy You won't catch me in All the birds of the air call your name"
  • Happy Road - Barry McGuire
    "Why it's a happy road That I'm travelin' on I just can't help myself Ya got me singin' a happy song Since your Son came shinin' I know it won't be long Until your happy road Is takin' me home. I been"
  • Happy Trails - Van Halen
    "Nmmmmmm dip dip Mmmmnnnnmm Bum-ba-deeda-bum-ba-deeda bum-ba-deeda bum-ba-deeda (continued throughout) Happy trails to you Until we meet again Happy trails to you Keep smilin' until then Who (Ooh-ooh)"
  • Gettin' Happy - Dolly Parton
    "Without a love to call my own my life was incomplete It seems I couldn't help but think that love was not for me My life took on a different twist when I met me a man that I couldn't resist I didn't know"
  • Happy Crazy - Katy Rose
    "Lost my 18 dollars The robbers were right It's there as if the ... Holding it tight I cleaned out the door Like a spy ... Lost my mind Lost my mind last night Woke up smiling something wasn't right Sang"
  • Happy Wanderer - Brave Combo
    "I love to go awandering Along the mountain track And when I go, I love to sing My knapsack on my back Valderee, valderah, Valderee, valderah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Valderee, valderah, My knapsack on my back I"
  • Happy Elated - Darius Brooks
    "Artist : Maurice Strong Song : Happy Elated Album : Glad I Found U You deserve the best That life can give My baby On this day And forever more Mypromiss to you Give, all that i can We Can Show the world"
  • I'm Happy - Socialburn
    "I've been sittin here for a while Wishing I could finally see you smile I've been wanting to see you for a long time But everyday I grow farther from Everything I've done and everyone Here we go again"

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