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LP - Too Much tekst

  • Too Much, Too Soon - Celestial Season
    "Even the words came back, but I cannot rely on what they became to me even the sounds came back, but it's hard to hear the vibes when you away even the worst will say that I'm free to stay out in my cargo-bay back"
  • Too Much Trouble - Limahl
    "You've been gone for a little while I've noticed there's a change in your smile Oh how you've made your message loud and clear But these are not the words that I expected to hear Do do do... You give"
  • The Way That You Talk (Extended LP Version) - Jagged Edge
    "(feat. Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri) It's scarey, I'm a subsidiary of So So Def, next to Jay D This funkdafide baby keep 'em crazy My mentality happen to be livin' lavish With formalities of having the fat"
  • Too Much Love - Don Williams
    "Too much coffee, too much tea, too much sugar isn't good for me. Too much money and too much fame, too much liqueur drives a man insane. But too much love, too much love, there's no such thing as too much"
  • Too Much Love - Alabama
    "Too much love Too much love At times I make you crazy At times I make you sad Sometimes you make me feel like There's no one quite as bad But there's just too much love between us There's just too much"
  • Too Much Love - Bread
    "Too much sorrow, too much pain Too many reasons not to go back again Living without her is too much to bare But when we're together, too much nothing to share But too much love, I've never seen Too much"
  • Too Much Love - Boy George
    "Too much love Too much love Too much, too much love Too much love Hey yeah Too much love You'll get over it they say Plenty fishes in the sea But ooh my life has changed Since you put your love in me All"
  • Way Too Much - George Canyon
    "She never meant for him to love her He only wanted to feel her touch And now he's in way over his head And he loves her way too much Way too much Her heart is restless as the wild horses That roam the"
  • Too Much Information - Sting
    "Too much information running through my brain Too much information driving me insane Too much information running through my brain Too much information driving me insane I've seen the whole world six"
  • Touch Too Much - AC/DC
    "It was one of those nights, when you turn off the lights And everythin' comes into view She was taking her time, I was losing my mind There was nothin' that she wouldn't do It wasn't the first, it wasn't"

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