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  • Black and white - Frameless
    "In 1954, the German team really won it all Then in 1974, our team played like a champion onc more And in Rome in 1990 We won our third great victory We play in Black and White Were always on your side"
  • Black And White - Barbara Mandrell
    "(Kye Fleming - Dennis W. Morgan) Aren't we the same two people Who took those vows that mean nothing now Didn't we sit at this table as husband and wife Now we're on opposite sides Is this the way love"
  • Grey, Black & White - Grand Theft Audio
    "I'm punch drunk on confusion No accident, claims, convictions Wait in line for prescription, singing No one stop me Happy in my delusion I don't think I need a solution The heavy weight king of confusion,"
  • Black vs. White - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "The piper is playing just the right song Pretty faces smiling so convincing They are all doing it, they got it all What are you waiting for, follow the leader It all seems so perfect, make love not war Pick"
  • Black & White World - Elvis Costello
    "I was looking at the black and white world It seemed so exciting If you'd only put me back to back with that girl When the night's inviting With just a little lighting There'll never be days like that"
  • Black And White - Subhumans
    "Silence - is no reaction "Violence" - that one-word caption Can you say it with just one word? Unspoken - the sins that go unheard (Chorus:) Government... bullshit Black and white... fight Look though"
  • Black And White - Niall Horan
    "That first night, we were standin' at your door Fumblin' for your keys, then I kissed you Ask me if I wanna come inside 'Cause we didn't wanna end the night Then you took my hand and I followed you Yeah,"
  • White Horse - Kilo
    "(Intro) I have a dream today That one day this nation will rise up And little black children And little white children Will hold hands (Verse 1) I'm a black man living in this white man's world"
  • Black And White - Todd Rundgren
    "Stick to your guns Diamonds are a girl's best friend Nobody knows the trouble this poor boy's seen People will believe anything Man on the run Always gets it in the end Nobody cares 'cause nobody shares"
  • Between Black & White - Above Symmetry
    "There are so many paths in life But only one to follow And if you choose another course You'll be banished and cursed in sorrow All my life I have been told That wherever I may go I must never try to"

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