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  • Bad Boys De Marseille (Part 2) - Akhenaton
    "X3 Canaille, canaille un mauvais garon La vie est courte Les dlices du bonheur substantiel La mort frappe l'oiseau Assassin en plein ciel Le sol collabore A emport des fois les corps Le bad boy sort Quand"
  • Tru 2 Life Playas - T-Bone
    "Kinda like tha mafia if you ask me, who's that? All of them ridas from ORC, why's that? Cuz we bad like 3 strikers when we spit rhymes and preach to street bikers Or convicts in ricers There never ain't"
  • Gangstertown - Chipz
    "Intro: Freeze all you gangsters There's an new order in town Ch!pz is gonna take you all town Da-di-da-da-di-dam Da-di-da-da-di-dam We're hunting in the night In Gangstertown Da-di-da-da-di-dam Da-di-da-da-di-dam"
  • W tych klubach - Killaz Group
    "Ja w tych klubach jointy stukam, zalewam się w trupaCzegoś szukam, przy psach palę głupaTaka nauka, jedyne wyjście to zmianaByleby nie utonąć w planachJa w tych klubach jointy stukam, zalewam się w trupaCzegoś"
  • Pitbull Terrier - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
    "im from the era or rhyme, reagan and from my dress code and my style tiga ya you know what im slangin' valentine heart shooter pinky nail for real and cant ya tell aint nobody cuter a pit bull terrier"
  • Reppin' Uptown - McGruff
    "(sheek luciano) Yo, I'm the same nigga that when I get locked up I don't call no nigga to bail me out (jadakiss) (mcgruff) Yo, let me sit for a while, man (ty) I wanna get acquainted with niggas I'm ready"
  • Hero - Luciano Pavarotti & Mariah Carey
    "This is for you, I love you, thank you. Hmm There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you"
  • Saturday Nite Fever - Lordz Of Brooklyn
    "(Scotty Edge) Well it's Brooklyn Bums Well it's the dirty birds Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn won't go back on our words Cause' we're pissing on the curbs, dishing out the dirt Yo! someone's got to shout"
  • I Funerali Di Berlinguer - Modena City Ramblers
    "Un popolo intero trattiene il respiro e fissa la bara, sotto al palco e alla fotografia. La citt sembra un mare di rosse bandiere e di fiori e di lacrime e di addii. Eravamo all'Osteriola, una sera come"
  • Hunch - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(chorus) x2 Die!!!, I choose before you One by one we will pick you You will die!!! (f**k it....psychological) Verse one: Siccmade music comin up out yo seat Catch the reeper night crawler creeper Dig"

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