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  • Singing To The Song - Mandy Moore
    "There's a rhythm of this world In every nation An neverending song Celebration A song that dances on the wind Singing through the trees It's opened up my world The sky leaving for me Chorus Singing to"
  • Umbrella - Mandy Moore
    "You had my heart And we'll never be worlds apart Maybe in magazines But you'll still be my star Baby cause in the Dark You can see shiny Cars That's when you need me there With you I'll always share Because..."
  • You're The One - Mandy Moore
    "You're the one you set me free when you're close to me all that I do is think about a way to make you stay with me baby, I'm falling apart cause you know the way to my heart Oh baby I knew it the moment"
  • Mona Lisa & Mad Hatters - Mandy Moore
    "Now I know "Spanish harlem" are not just pretty words to say I thought I knew But now I know that rose trees never grow in New York city Until you've seen these trash can dreams come true You stand at"
  • A Girl Can Dream - Mandy Moore
    "Verse 1 When I was a child, the story would say Somebody would sweep you off your feet someday. That's what I hoped would happen with you, more then you could know. I wanted to tell you, that my heart's"
  • Adelaide's Lament - Mandy Moore
    "The average unmarried female Basically insecure Due to some long frustration May react With psychosomatic symptoms Difficult to endure Affecting the upper respiratory tract In other words Just from waiting"
  • Broken Promises - Mandy Moore
    "Oh, oh, oh, Yeah, Yeah Ohhhhhhh (Broken promises, thats what your givin me) Yeah(broken promises) No more lonely nights Baby thats just what you told me But you're no where to be found. Something just"
  • Feel Me - Mandy Moore
    "I remember the time that I was afraid to let go 'Til the day I met you... Yeah, yeah Now everyday, I gotta let you know Chorus: I'm standing here right now I'll never let you down I'll give my everthing 'Cause"
  • First Kiss - Mandy Moore
    "hey yea will I close my eyes will I hold my breath will I wanna cry will our souls connect? I've been thinking about it when I go to bed at night I wonder wonder will you hold my hand will you speak a"
  • Gypsy Rover - Mandy Moore
    "The gypsy rover came over the hill Down through the valley so shady He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang And he won the heart of a lady. Chorus: Auh-de-doo-auh-de-doo-dah-day Auh-de-doo-auh-de-day-dee He"

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