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Megustar Melo elo

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Megustar Melo elo
  • ELO One Summer Dream
    "So I go, Though it hurts me so. I'm crying For your love. Deep waters flow, out to the sea; They never needed you or me. One summer dream, one summer dream. Blue Mountains high and valley low, I don't"
  • ELO Tightrope
    "They say, some days you're gonna win, They say, some days you're gonna lose. I tell you, I got news for you, You're losin' all the time, you never win, oh. If you believe that's how it's gonna be, I'd"
  • ELO Loser Gone Wild
    "I don't mind the pain, or the joker's cold refrain The days pass by so slowly, I count them all again Silence of a basement, shades all closed at noon (loser gone wild) Lie awake for fear of strangers. Darkness"
  • ELO Bluebird
    "The streets, the signs are pointing all one way But you don't realise just what they say You may fight (you may fight), you may run (you may run), You may know (you may know) what you've done (what you've"
  • ELO Take Me On And On
    "The stars that shine so brightly They call to me I dream of how it might be Somewhere far away. Oh, take me on and on Oh, ooh, until the world has gone Take me on and on, on and on. The chains that hold"
  • ELO Tears In Your Life
    "Tears in your life Nothing but tears in your life They come to you in the night Tears in your life Softly they call Gathering slowly they fall You see those tears and they're all Tears in your life (tears"
  • ELO Telephone Line
    "Hello, how are you? Have you been alright Through all those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights? That's what I'd say; I'd tell you everything, If you'd pick up that telephone, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey,"
  • ELO Rockaria
    "Just got back from the downtown palais Where the music was so sweet It knocked me right back in the alley I'm ready Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm ready Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm ready And I'm really gonna rock tonight. Sweet"
  • ELO Mission (A World Record)
    "''This is Yerffej Ennyl calling you from planet Earth.'' For many days, we travelled from a distant place and time To reach a place they call the planet Earth. There was to be a celebration On the mission"
  • ELO Four Little Diamonds
    "''Is this on? OK, after four! Four!'' I used to think she was the greatest thing I really can't give her a diamond ring She said she'd rather die than ever leave me Well, I never saw her face since then And"

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