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Naomi Shelton

  • The baby - Blake Shelton
    "My brother said that I was rotten to the core. I was the youngest child, so I got by with more. I guess she was tired by the time I came along. She'd laugh until she cried, I could do no wrong. She would"
  • The bartender - Blake Shelton
    "Mr. Bourbon and Coke laughsAt all of my jokes when he's drinkingMr. Martini stares and heNever shares what he's thinking.Miss Sexy Red Wine tells me at closing timeThat she'll phone meMr. Whiskey Shot"
  • The dreamer - Blake Shelton
    "Funny thing about dreamers When the dream is in their sights Just to get where they're goin' They leave a lot of good things behind Guess you could call me a dreamer And I've seen it all come true So I"
  • The last country song - Blake Shelton
    "There a roadhouse just outside of town on a two-lane blacktopWhere all the folks come to hear country music playAnd every year the city's gettin' closer, Lord knows it won't stopAnd old Hank the bartender"
  • The more i drink - Blake Shelton
    "He was sittin' at the bar, sippin' on a regular CokeWe were drinkin' and smokin' and makin' him the butt of our jokesWe all said, "Man, what happened to you? Why can't you just have a few?"He said, "I"
  • The truth about men - Blake Shelton
    "We don't like to go out shoppin',We don't care what's on sale.We just want to sit with a bag full of chips,Watchin' the NFL.When you come over at half-time,An' say: "Does this dress fit too tight?"We just"
  • This can't be good - Blake Shelton
    "There's a campfire burning on the Mississippi River bankMy old pickup speakers are cranking out alot of HankThat's the sheriff's daughter dancin' on my hoodWith an empty bottle this can't be good.There's"
  • Underneath the same moon - Blake Shelton
    "Shadows of the night Moving on the ground Like silent clouds They follow me around As I wander the dark Throught the midnight mist Remembering our last kiss Do you know how much You're missed Tonight I"
  • What i wouldn't give - Blake Shelton
    "Leave the radio on just to hear a voice other than mineCause I can't bear to hear the cold truth running through my mind.Cause everything I did wrong just keeps haunting me, it won't let me beLying here"
  • What's on my mind - Blake Shelton
    "I can't have this conversationWithout lots of reservations on the lineIf there's a way to slip around itThen I'm bound to get around it one more timeHoney you are so persuasiveBut it makes me more evasive"

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