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Night Ranger

  • As Always I Remain - Night Ranger
    "Here I am My heart in a sling Holding on to memories Wondering what might have been There you are Lost in a dream Full of life yet loneliness Has caused you to bleed I know Where there's room enough for"
  • Someday I Will - Night Ranger
    "Caught in the act of doubting So hard to look away I don't know if it's fear or faith That makes me stay So maybe I've decided Sometimes enough is enough I'm just a man at the end of the day In love So"
  • My Elusive Mind - Night Ranger
    "I've got to tie a few loose ends Apologize to all my friends I really did it bigtime Slam-danced on a land mine I hope you're alright my dear Sorry 'bout the chandelier The party was just beginning Man"
  • Anything For You - Night Ranger
    "Promises promises Step inside my head This is the way things are done Around here Wake up wake up Get up out of bed I hear it's been a little crowded in there Do you give a damn I don't think you care All"
  • I Don't Call This Love - Night Ranger
    "Sometimes I think There's a hole in my head And all these memories Fall out on the bed Maybe it's time I changed my point of view Maybe you're right There's so much we can do Say the word Say the word You"
  • Sign Of The Times - Night Ranger
    "I like watching sunsets With no particular plans I like drinking Jack and Coke In some far away land I like Rolling Stones records They take their tea at three I like making love outside underneath a"
  • Panic In Jane - Night Ranger
    "Superficial conversation Never going my way Always something there to remind you Life is a bowl of clay There she sits in Silent confusion While the world spins Gold into hay Pressure building Under her"
  • Don't Ask Me Why - Night Ranger
    "Looking down the road where I've been Can anything last forever Still I take my chances Looking for the answers I need somebody oh I think I'm falling for love And the morning here it comes And I'm lying"
  • Don't Start Thinking - Night Ranger
    "Ooh, it's been a long time, girl Time has been a friend to you Have you had it with your seesaw world Yeah, I've had it with the same world, too. Ain't no friend of mine.....oh, no Here we are alone again Down"
  • The Color Of Your Smile - Night Ranger
    "I can't believe That I survived til Friday I grab my coat And make a run for where I Hide and dream and lie all afternoon I call you up Although you work on Sunday I'm not accustomed to a lonely afternoon Inside"

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