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Nirvana Token Eastern Song

  • Middle Eastern Holiday - Hard-FI
    "I've got to go, but what a prize to give Package deal to the sun, everything is inclusive where bullet holes scar the minarets smoke on the horizon a beautiful sunset Going on my Middle Eastern holiday"
  • The eastern spell - T. Rex
    "Eastern voices calling to you Mystic magic oceans of blue Timeless wonders cease to wonder When you know the spell you're under Is mine. Many times I've seen the sunset Only 'cos I'm trying to get All"
  • Distant Eastern Glare - Lycia
    "cold air, Distant Eastern Glare a gleam runs in my eye it feels like nothing fresh air, refreshed and then divined a chill runs down my spine it feels like nothing come to me, out from the glare you're"
  • Far Eastern Tribe - Rize
    "JAH! Give me the power START! Shine the tower TRIBE from the Far East! We are the tribe from the Far East TRIBE TRIBE from the Far East! JAH! Give me the power STAR! Shine the tower We came far from"
  • A Token Of My Hatred - Virgin Steele
    "I bring Vengeance!!! I ride the Severed - Seven Winds of Time From the Corner of the World Last Holy Warrior, Fire in my eyes There is Hatred in my Soul Great God of the Seven Seas, Great God of the Sky Hear"
  • Nirvana In The Notes - Jack Foster III
    "When Shelly plays he's got the faith to put the world in Heaven The music flows into his soul to the joy of all his brethren The music shines upon his face 'til he's no longer with us He's somewhere beyond"
  • Been A Son (Nirvana) - Manic Street Preachers
    "She should have stayed away from friends She should have had more time to spend She should have died when she was born She should have worn a crown of thorns She should have been, been a son She should"
  • The Black Hearts Nirvana - Limbonic Art
    "Hallowed be the darkness that coronates my soul Deep within its shelter I seek my highest goals I shall release what is conquered From which that I now posses All lifeforce is abandoned Into the arms of"
  • Love Buzz (Nirvana Cover) - Pitty
    "Would you believe me when I tell you You are the queen of my heart Please don't deceive me when I hurt you Just ain't the way it seems (x4) Can you feel my love buzz? Would you believe me when I do you You"
  • Surf city eastern block - The Arcade Fire
    "It's a shame about the roadblock, we're afraid that we'll get caught or stoppedLet's go right now, surf city eastern blockI'm in the trunk my surf board on topThe eighties ain't been kind to anyone, I"

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