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  • Area - Omd
    "There is a time and place where reason fades away. And this is the consequence when thers nothing left to say. Where are the dreams you had when nothing could go wrong? Where are the words you need when"
  • Bloc bloc bloc - Omd
    "I want to go up to Detroit l want to lie in the shade I want to visit the President And then I want to get laid I want to go down to Memphis I want to talk to the King I want to tell him wre sorry And"
  • Can i believe you - Omd
    "Into the night there's no more fightHe knows the difference between wrong and rightThis time was wrong now he's strongBecause the war went on so very longPush them asideShow them who's the manSo open wideAs"
  • Christine - Omd
    "As the sun descends too quickly behind the distant city she will ride under the water she will leave her son and daughter reduced to lying naked to feed those she holds sacred she is bare of clothes and"
  • Concrete hands - Omd
    "The boy saw the girl coast to coast crashin like a quake a promise is a promise shhhhh, two minutes silence can take it out tonight. Boys saw the girl did the girl see the boy these things won't come to"
  • Crush - Omd
    "Talk to me, don't lie to me Save your breath Don't look at me, don't smile at me Just close your eyes I was so impressed by you I was running blind I would fall for every trick Every twist of mind Heaven"
  • Dollar girl - Omd
    "I used to be the worrying kind of guyNever knew what to do with my lifeWhat did I really want to beWould I get a silly prettyl ittle wifeBut since I met you I feel freeCause I know youYou know meTogether"
  • Dream of me - Omd
    "Say it isn't rightTo be alone tonightSo in love with youTell you what I'm gonna do about itI had an ideaBased on a love themeI had an ideaBased on a love themeAll I ever doIs what you want me toSo in love"
  • Everyday - Omd
    "I'm on my knees to pray since I kissed you once and I held you once things have never been the same and I've tried god knows I've tried but there's nothing left in the world today that's making sense in"
  • Georgia - Omd
    "Well, here we are again, too, too good to be friends Forever, forever, forever Well, look at what we've done, three, three worlds into one Together, together, together So, how can this be true, we, we"

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