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  • David Banner Touching
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) Woooooo...Ohhhh She looks so beautiful don't you agree Girl, you know what I think you should do right now, You should take off all your clothes, Every Article of clothing. Except"
  • David Banner Fucking
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) WOO! Oh.. She looks so beautiful, don't you agree? Girl, you know what I think you should do right now? You should just take off all of your clothes Every article of clothing,"
  • Ciara Goodies Remix (No Rap)
    "(Verse 1 - Jazze Pha:) Ladies and Gentlemen! Whoa Whoa Whoa! Say, looky looky. Aw suki suki! Want dem goody goodies? Dats my pookie tuki.G one gurl! Get ya back up off tha wall. Do dat matrix part but"
  • Beanie Sigel Don't Stop
    "Ma! I think it's safe to say You ain't seen a playa lay this way Or playa game this way Wit a attitude, like - and ya don't stop Aficionado, so fashionable Wit a confident swagger, international Game"
  • Big Tymers Get High
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhh Nah just kidding, ha....ha...ha Ay! ay ay ay! Welcome to the side of the world where we just do What the fuck we want to And smoke how we wanna smoke And fly Up"
  • T.I. Chooz U
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) They say love blind, so why can't I picture this guhl mine? Yea I dig her but I figure, I'm wastin this guhl time I'm runnin from relationshipz, scared to commit Mad at monogamy, sexually,"
  • Ciara One two step
    "Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen, ooh-wee)This is a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle (Jazze Phizzle)Missy (Missy)The princess is here (ooh-wee)(She's here) Ciara (This beat is)Automatic, supersonic,"
  • Edison Chen Instant Friends
    "claps ur hands the invisible man.... (chorus) yue sun chi pai yi sat chai toi yi sik choi pei pei cha fa loi pat yu tap ngo tun yu chi fai mun mou sing kei lok pin yu mu pi lu ngo chun ching yue sun"
  • Bronze Nazareth Hear What I Say!
    "(Intro: kung fu sample) You're here to learn kung fu, remember? This is not a rest home... Now go on, do some practice! (Bronze Nazareth) I'll prolly never be as big as Slim Shady or Jay-Z Even though"
  • LeToya Tear da club up
    "Intro:(jazze)ladies and gentlemen!(bun b)t to the o to the y to the aJ to the a-z-z ezay(jazze)woooooooo wee!(bun b)bun b.....let's goAnd we be clubbing all night, oh!(jazze)whoa whoaaaaaaaa!1st verse:I"

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