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Pentagon shine

  • Shine - Von Ra
    "I look at the world and its patrons Clicking along with a smile Oh how I wish I could join them For a little while I look in your eyes and wonder who's there Smile and wonder when you'll leave I wonder"
  • Shine - Meredith Brooks
    "Lucky that you found me you gotta hang around me some more cause i'll remind you i'll be around while you're waging your war with yourself and i'll see it clearer than you can see it you gotta get out"
  • Shine - Salvador
    "I woke up to another day. Another day to celebrate. Your beauty and your mystery is more than any I can see. Im not the man I was before With You my life is so much more, Break the chains and open doors"
  • Shine - The Morning Of
    "I step outside into the light The sun is bright, I close my eyes The summer caught me by surprise And now I'm left here waiting For you to tell me how it is If I could only get a kiss I could make you"
  • Shine - Run Level Zero
    "The scorching heat / the devastation Blazing sun / annihilation We reach out / blind with love A man in its core / silicon based Great cities / coboloid race Transformations / configurations Shine little"
  • Shine - Newsboys
    "Dull as dirt you can't assert the kinda light that might persuade a strict dictator to retire fire the army, teach the poor origami the truth is in the proof is when you hear your heart start asking What's"
  • Shine - Simply Red
    "Ooh I remember those old love letters Plagued with memories, I can't forget us Trying to fight it, trying to hide it Rekindled flames are not recommended But it never went out boy, it never ended Trying"
  • Shine - Average White Band
    "Average White Band Miscellaneous Shine Nothing in this world Seems to function without tears You oughta' know There's no need to pull yourself apart Nothing you can do seems to matter without love You"
  • Shine - Jaci Velasquez
    "You will make the change And you'll begin today You will turn around and See the world another way You'll stand up tall And move with grace And you will see yourself In every face, every face You'll"
  • Shine - Hellsing
    "I never really feel quite right I don't know why, all I know is there's something wrong Every time I look at you, you seem so alive Tell me how do you do it, walk me through it I'm following every footstep Baby"

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