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Post malone allergic

  • Post War - Jack Bruce
    "Nothing was good or bad enough They never had enough in store When the feast was on the lawn The birds had picked it clean And gone away We used to walk the nights of mystery Once we would swim the length"
  • Far Post - Robert Plant
    "No talk of love between us, some things better left unsaid Talk of the plans move through my head, through my head No talk of tears and pain, it's been so long I really don't know your name, it's the rules"
  • Post Mortem - Cmx
    "Ky tuuli yli luhistuneen vuoteen linnut tytn nukkuvan silmist tappelee pohjoinen, etel vaihtaa paikkaa itken maailmankaikkeuden pohjalla Viisaus rehottaa tuolilla ja tuomitsee rakkaus makaa tunkiolla"
  • Return post - Bangles
    "Writing the lines as they come to meScartching them out almost immediatelyDon't know what it's done to meIt's cold and it's wet it's been raining all nightAnd there's a letter I've been trying to writeSomething"
  • Post Replica - Twelve Tribes
    "It's been said that progress...that progress is the promise of annihilation. Prayers will burn and war will be a sign of the end until no one is left to medicate humanity of the belief in the cure for"
  • Post Life - Wolverine
    "My life is born in pain Pain weaves fragile threads into dreams, Skies that are annihilated by The infinity of the galaxy Infinity, man's unsolved riddle in eternity But the fairytale of our life That"
  • Post Mortem - Mr. Lif
    "(Vast Aire) Vision is blurred yo (Mr. Lif) This is the last chapter Bombs hit who? Crushed what? Over there? Oh my god, oh dear I was hmm.. I think I was *h* movin somewhere About to paint my fear bright"
  • Post Script - Killing The Dream
    "(This town is f**ked) There's only one way out, and it's down. Down...f**king down. They're all waiting for the end to watch you fall waiting, just to fill the space, there's only one way out, and it's"
  • Pre-Post - Karmica*
    "Sento bussare sopra i tetti ma non so se siano gatti o topi o forse no Potrebbe anche essere un nuovo amore o un vecchio demone Piccoli, siamo tanto piccoli, e crediamo ancora alle favole ma non come dite"
  • Post-Crucifixi - Pescado Rabioso
    "Abrzame Madre del dolor Nunca estuve tan lejos De mi cuerpo Abrzame Que de la vida Yo ya estoy repuesto Abrzame Madre del dolor Nunca estuve tan solo En este mundo Abrazame Que amanece, y hay resignación Y"

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