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  • Non Existent Equilibrium - Astarte
    "In the existence of time the undefeated armies Of the primordial keeper of reason and faith. Time present and time past Are both present in time future. The divinely grace Faunus, Father of evolution, Dethrones"
  • Dark Void - Kaamos
    "Thrones In Darkness, Authorities Of Hell Awakened & Invoked, The Wicked & Divine Profound And Dark Hidden Lands Unfold Abhorrence & Horror, Nightmares Collide Gateways Being Opened To The Other Side Eleven-Pointed"
  • Inaugurating Evil - Kaamos
    "Threatening Constellations Mocking In Their Radiance Transmitting Unto Earth Unearthly Haunting Light Like Eves In Death Gazing Blindly Beyond The Veils Of Life To Borders Of Insanity Outside Countless"
  • Boom - Prince
    "What If Another Universe Complete With Sun And Moon An Entire Galaxy And What's Worse U And Eye 2 Soon Find Each Other Xpanding Beyond This Dirty Room Butterscotch Mountains Sun Shine Run Ur Fingers Up"
  • Eternidad - A.N.I.M.A.L.
    "Eternidad La pasión es premio a la eternidad, tenacidad, valor. El control es bsico, primordial, para alcanzar y alzar Las banderas de una nueva nación, con lealtad, verdad. Romper las caretas hipócritas,"
  • Chambers Of Hate - Ad Hominem
    "The primordial fear of a man feeds the upmost rapture of his enemy They exhale that nauseous smell of the late corrupted mankind They exhale the fear and grief of those who perished therein They exhale"
  • Sauthenerom - Necrodeath
    "The Ancient is, the Ancient was, the Ancient will From the dawn of times, in primordial chaos Called Naxyr in every centre of infinity The gods swim in shapeless water of darkness Void of Naxir The great"
  • Mother Of Christ - Alice Donut
    "Alice Donut Miscellaneous Mother Of Christ No. Feeling..Buxom. Feeling...Buxom. Feeling...nice. Nice. It's inside of me(6x) Mother of Christ. I wanna feel what Mary felt.(Mother of Christ) I"
  • All Your Sorrows - Metal Church
    "Times like these to people please Fables spread like some disease New age gods like old facades Write a book You'll like the odds Inventing gods Old facades Take apart human heart you will start Through"
  • Star Castle - Avatar
    "Domes cover underground Chambers raising a (Mighty) tower tall to the Sky Where the Lords of the West gather Once again to explore the Crystal Night Instruments of Oak and Brass at hand Before the Gateway"

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