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Remi lowato sodo

  • 1000 Days In Sodom - Sodom
    "Unholy city a sinners delight No-one was spared out of mind, out of sight Hatred and slaughter, degredation and lust Self destruction never counting the cost, No-one knew the suffering Behind the city"
  • Bakin' Soda In Minnesota - Andre Nickatina
    "52 carat blue diamond Rhymin', interior designin', grindin' You can shake cheddar like me on the mic Hit your point, hold your money when you're rollin' the dice, baby Uhh.. either you go crash-and-burn Or"
  • Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC - Anti-Flag
    "Nailed to the cross, dead for collective sin. We decide where, why, who, and when. Build our bibles to ONLY include the things we believe to be divine and true. This is our right. This is our life. Everyone"
  • Drown Soda (Live Version) - Hole
    "Oh yeah, he wants to take you Take you away from your life Oh yeah, he wants to take you Take you away from your lies Oh yeah, he wants to take you Take you by the hand Oh God, just let him rape you Baby,"
  • Rap, Soda Y Bohemia - Molotov
    "mama, mamate a un cabron le vole la choya con un pistolon mama, con el dedo en el gatillo le meti 6 balas al cabron por el fundillo mama, sabes si vienes por ahi te digo "que te pasa?" si te metes con"
  • It Smells Like Ok Soda - Dillinger Four
    "Yeah, they got it pretty good Find an angle and attack, man, 'mage is everything?Make m buy it like they should Spend some money on a whim just like little good americans It's the trick of imagery, enjoy"
  • Beauty Slept In Sodom - Cradle of Filth
    "Death, spirit me away My anguished soul doth strain On taut and twisted reins Yet, insatiate I still remain Like a proud, unfalled star That dares thee from afar To calm my thund'rous heart Else, rend"
  • Girls - Kalwi & Remi feat. Mr. X
    "Girls really wanna make it with you Girls are dying to let you to do it Girls are coming into your dreams Girls gonna give you all what you miss One Kalwi, two Remi, three X Polish dancers are the best"
  • The rise of sodom and gomarrah - Therion
    "(The) Sun enter the Capricorn (and) the Star of Sin will shine The King of Sodom drink again Lady Babalons whine (One) Hundred and Twenty days in the Depth of the Dead sea And walk the Path of Peccatus"
  • D.O.S. (Desolation Of Sodom) - Believer
    "All the men of Sodom Sin had infested Rampant wickedness Perverse mortal race Evil running loose Misleading minds and souls Vile unrestraint Malignant disgrace DESOLATION OF SODOM The heavens poured forth"

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