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Rickie Lee Jones - Sailor Song

  • Christie Lee - Billy Joel
    "Let me tell you a story About a woman and a man Maybe you will find familiar Maybe you won't understand The man's name I don't remember He was always Joe to me But I can't forget the woman She was always"
  • Swan Lee - Syd Barret
    "Swan Lee got up at the Running Foot pow-wow, heading from the fire to his waiting canoe. Chattering Squaw untied the wigwam door, the chief blew smoke rings two by two! The land in silence stands..."
  • Stagger Lee - Grateful Dead
    "1948, Xmas eve, with a full moon over townStagger Lee shot Billy DeLionsAnd he blew that poor boy down.Do you know what he shot him for?What do you make of that?Cause Billy DeLions threw the lucky diceWon"
  • Reverend Lee - Natalie Cole
    "This is a song about a very big, strong, black, sexy southern baptist minister Who thinks he's got his program all together, until he meets a lady who lets him know That he ain't got it all together,"
  • Stagger Lee - The Grateful Dead
    "1948, Xmas eve, with a full moon over town Stagger Lee shot Billy DeLions And he blew that poor boy down. Do you know what he shot him for? What do you make of that? Cause Billy DeLions threw the lucky"
  • Jimmy Lee - Aretha Franklin
    "All this time, I couldnt shake your memory And I never knew the sweetest love was the first So what am I supposed to do about this curse Ive got you to blame And Im calling, calling out your name Oh- he"
  • Ben Lee - The Ataris
    "I never met someone so jaded, Your music's really overrated Nothing but a lot of potentious noise, I know that Claire Danes is your chick To me you're just some ugly prick Who got lucky cuz he knew the"
  • Ben Lee - Ataris
    "Ataris Miscellaneous Ben Lee I never met someone so jaded your music's really over rated nothing but a lot of pretentious noise I know that claire danes is your chick to me you're just some ugly prick"
  • Aura Lee - Tom Roush
    "When the blackbird in the Spring, 'On the willow tree, Sat and rocked, I heard him sing, Singing Aura Lea. Aura Lea, Aura Lea, Maid with golden hair; Sunshine came along with thee, And swallows in the"
  • Wendell Lee - Jill Sobule
    "Hey Wendell, where are you now? I searched online, but nothing found I wonder what you done and what you become Wendell, you were the first for me We were both stoned and seventeen After our date at the"

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