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  • The Other Side - Elastica
    "BBC Radio 1 Evening Session 08/08/96 It's been really hard I know It's been really hard under fire So take a look at what this world's become You know I've really got to go right now, oh You've been polishing"
  • Run With The Torch - Channel Zero
    "When communism came to its end nobody was ready to extend freedom in their eyes false reality now they trust in their morality used to be oppressed now where can they go ? The rest of the world has nothing"
  • Panzerkampf - Sabaton
    "Into the Motherland the German Army Marched! In the Soviet Union, summer 1943 Tanks line up in thousands, as far the eye can see Ready for the onslaught, ready for the fight Waiting for the Axis, to march"
  • Ode To The Ramones - De Heideroosjes
    "Sheena brought me to heaven Pet Semetary brought me to hell Mostly it took only two minutes But I remember those minutes well Rockaway beach made me a star I've quit the rock 'n roll highschool The KKK"
  • Nuda - Pino Daniele
    "Cosa credi che il cuore sia un muscolo di marmo nostra figlia gi si muove gi si muove nel tuo fianco si chiamer nuda nuda come la terra. Se nascesse adesso in Russia o strillando da un balcone fra le"
  • Harmony - Ian Thomas
    "I don't like the systemToo many kinksHear lots of talkin'Nobody thinksListen to the common man, he don't give a damnJust trying to make a living, the best that he canHarmony, what the whole world wantHarmony,"
  • Piet? L'? Morta - Modena City Ramblers
    "Lass sulle montagne sventola bandiera nera: morto un partigiano nel far la guerra E' morto un partigiano, morto nel far la guerra La meglio giovent che finisce sotto terra Laggi sotto terra trova un"
  • Desert Island Discs - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini and Dave Clark Desert discs, these desert island discs. Desert discs, the guy's got great taste. (Dave) AC/DC: Back in Black. The Ramones: Rocket to Russia. Martha and the Muffins: The Album"
  • Cold War - Funker Vogt
    "somewhere down in mother Russia they make plans to take the world thousands of veiled secrets hidden deep inside their rooms with all their special agents trying to fool each other each side wants to"
  • Power Struggle - Exploited
    "Missiles in america Deep down in the ground They're pointing straight at russia They're pointing all around A small red button gently pressed Will set those missiles free And when they land with one big"

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