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  • Ariel Rivera When I Meet You
    "There I was an empty piece of a shell Just mindin' my own world Without even knowin' What love and life were all about Then you came... You brought me out of the shell You gave the world to me And before"
  • Ariel Rot Cuentas Al D
    "La nica cruz es la que t quieras llevar contigo. La nica cruz es la que t quieras cargar por un motivo, ilegal o clandestino, es tu vida y te da igual. Al pobre diablo ya no le quedaba ni un amigo, todos"
  • Ariel Pink Creepshow
    "i want the Big one she's hiding there behind the man who wonders what she holds i'm just a man i'm not the man please understand i am the man i'm just the man i'm not the man please understand down here you"
  • Ariel Pink One On One
    "one on one is the game you play to get play everybody here's lookin' ready to go now take off your clothes keep on a shirt tell us your name, it's a secret now stand n' be proud take your neighbors hand throw"
  • Ariel Pink Oblivious Peninsula
    "Landmines and power plants machinery geo-graphics our anatomy statements perceivable by human inaneity language of six senses nonsense instincts dispense of them oblivious peninsula hoorah oblivious peninsula"
  • Ariel Pink Somewhere In Europe/ Hotpink!
    "Here we're standing, Somewhere in Europe But it could be China To South Nicaragua We drove here all night, Just for the weekend "Excuse me, sir, Why don't you speak any English? Pardon my French,"
  • Ariel Pink Thespian City
    "And we started to act Like fools we acted We acted like fools Didn't we like it Everybody liked it Tell me - what's up with all the groups around these days Lemme just say I think it's such a shame How"
  • Ariel Pink Crybaby
    "we've got a problem here she's outta control she wants something she can't say the words out loud tell her a story or sing her a lullaby my baby is cryin' tryin' to get her to stop cryin' so loud baby's"
  • Ariel Pink Jagged Carnival Tours
    "now is the time at hand time to take a stand everyone collaborate together now celebrate make that music everyone by everyone round and round share the sounds all who down trade the part it don't matter it's"
  • Ariel Pink Hardcore Pops Are Fun
    "let's go, we're bustin' chairs now hey! hardcore pop is fun cause it's just like chewing gum all those things you wanna pound go out back and shoot you down pop music is free for you and me pop music's"

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