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SMAGALAZ Dorzucamy do Grilla

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SMAGALAZ Dorzucamy do Grilla
  • Rah Digga What We Gonna Do
    "(Rah Digga) Megahertz (Verse 1) Another day in the life, kickin' for all thug bunnies Paper chase them self, or say man blood money Schemin' ass honey tryin' to get my shine Such a lady of grace, with"
  • Big Tuck U Niggaz Can't Do
    "(*talking*) Yeah this is our year (for real) Big Tuck, Fat B (it go down) go getter, yeah (Hook - 2x) You niggaz can't do what we do, you niggaz can't ball like we ball You niggaz can't crawl like we"
  • C-Murder Do You Wanna Ride
    "How many wanna play now? It get dark wit the shades down, you know Slay and Black paid now Niggas, see we be thugged out, 2 deep Muthafuckas betta stay out the way now, that foolishness I'm tellin you"
  • Os Paralamas Do Sucesso Nebulosa Do Amor
    "L fora tudo cinza e azul a hora mais propcia V-se a olho nu Cruzando o cu Pequenas astronaves do amor Vindas de um planeta Da nebulosa do amor Ontem, hoje, outro dia j passou Algum que eu no conhecia Hoje"
  • Lil' Flip I Can Do Dat (Remix)
    "(feat. Juvenile, Skip) The remix... Lil' Flip...Juvnile... Skip...I Can Do Dat... Suckafree U.T.P If spill drank on my shirt (I can do dat) It don't matter, I got a lotta Iceberg (I can do dat) I'ma"
  • Master P How You Do That There
    "(Master P) Unngghh, How you do that there(remix), how you do that there New Orleans, Baton Rouge How you do that there Lafeyette, Lake Charles How you do that there Shreveport, Mississippi How you do that"
  • De La Soul What We Do (For Love)
    "Kid 1 - I'm tired Kid 2 - Me too Kid 1 - Uncle Ricky SR - Hmmm? Kid 1 - Could you tell us a bedtime story, like you used to? SR - Look, don't y'all think y'all too old for that now? Kids - No SR - Listen,"
  • Big Daddy Kane Don't Do It To Yourself
    "{big scoob:} Hey yo, drop it like it's hot, kane, drop it like it's hot Yo, pick up the microphone and gimme what you got {big daddy kane:} Hey yo, drop it like it's hot, scoob, drop it like it's hot Pick"
  • Jackson Do Pandeiro Bai?o Do Bambol?
    "Mas inventaram um tal de bambol Mas que negócio da mulesta foram inventar! A gente fica num cantinho só Remexendo, remexendo, remexendo sem parar... Bambol, bambol, bambol, meu baio Bambol, vamos"
  • Celine Dion La Do Do La Do
    "Celine Dion C'est Pour Vivre La Do Do La Do La do do la do Deux doigts sur un piano Ce vieux piano a bon dos Me suivre dans mes rves Ce n'est pas de tout repos La do do la do Two fingers on a piano This"

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