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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Ken Laszlo
    "To-To-To-Tonight To-To-To-To-To-Tonight Tonight, Tonight We try to know and take it just like tonight Let your feeling riding over the flies To make your joy, well, enjoy yourself Don't give up the pleasure"
  • Tonight - Entwine
    "You said it all When you didn't say a word Loving thoughts You think I tried to hurt So complete Is how we used to be Can't you see That all we need is time... To know the reason why Just hold me now Tonight Oh,"
  • Tonight - The Afghan Whigs
    "(Dulli) hey, baby there's a vampire moon scaling the sky shine in your room your eyes are open you got nothing to do come outside and play with me tonight follow me down to the bushes dear no one will"
  • Tonight - Jonas Brothers
    "Well here we are again Throwing punch-lines, no one wins As the morning sun begins to rise We're fading fast We won't work this out No we're not gonna work this out tonight No we're not gonna make"
  • Tonight - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(t. b. schmit/b. gaitsch) I heard you talking the other day You take pride in never wearing a frown But when the chips fall another way Your crying can be heard across town It's a misunderstanding Ain't"
  • Tonight - Radney Foster
    "Linda's going down town tonight Cause she don't wanna be alone She's got everything in this world Except the love of a man at home She keeps on hopin that door is open Down on Broadway she knows a place"
  • Tonight - Freezepop
    "meet at the disco get on your feet baby let's go come feel the heat electric glow dance to the beat you're a pro I can see it in your eyes no goodbyes, no disguise from your sighs and then the temperature"
  • Tonight - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Daisley - Kerslake - Osbourne - Rhoads) Now I'm back out on the street again It never rains unless it pours Try to get back on my feet again I hear the raging thunder as it roars Tonight, tonight Is"
  • Tonight - Lionel Richie
    "Tonight, if you're ready it's time Tonight, we can make it feel so good tonight You say you're ready to be mine This could be the right time Got this feeling deep inside And what I'm feeling, I just can't"
  • Tonight - The Afghan Whigs
    "Afghan Whigs, The Congregation Tonight (dulli) Hey, baby there's a vampire moon Scaling the sky Shine in your room Your eyes are open You got nothing to do Come outside and play with me Tonight Follow"

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