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Slippery migos

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Slippery migos
  • Kevin Ayers Banana Hymn
    "When it comes to discussing bananas, I am moved to extravagant praise; For the banana is firm and substantial, And may be used in a number of ways. With more presence than leeks or asparagus, And more"
  • Neil Young Sweet Joni
    "Sweet Joni from Saskatoon There's a ring for your finger It looks like the sun But it feels like the moon Sweet Joni from Saskatoon Don't go, don't go too soon. Who lives in an old hotel, Near the ancient"
  • Townes Van Zandt The Snake Song
    "By townes van zandt You can't hold me I'm too slippery I do no sleepin' I get lonely You can touch me If you want to I got poison I just might bite you Lie in circles On the sunlight Shine like diamonds On"
  • Steve Kilbey I See Your Beginning
    "Don't touch the snake who beckons you, his eyes are full of ice You'll be slippery just like he is, living on bad advice And I see you're beginning to undergo a subtle change of scale It's not the first"
  • Drive Like Jehu O Pencil Sharp
    "O' pencil sharp, pencil dull pencil drag, pencil pull, gonna pencil poke ya' to the floor gonna pencil fuck, gonna pencil whore, o' pencil vulture, pencil dove pencil kisses, pencil love, pencil"
  • Daryl Hall & John Oates Waterwheel
    "I hear you call me, Waterwheel Spin round, round in a circle Gracing my child dreams on fantasy hill Spin round, round in a circle Flash! paddles sending a spray to the air Lately, my thoughts are still- With"
  • Reffer Water
    "Some say water has no taste or smell But today when the storm poured Ravishing like we hadn't seen before Cold drips rebound in my body Heated up by the warmth of the day If i could only rest It would"
  • Real Mckenzies Donald Where's Yer Troosers?
    "I've just come back from the Isle of Skye Im no very big and I'm awful shy And the lassies shout when I go by "Donald where's yer troosers" A lassie took me to a ball And it was slippery in the hall"
  • Eyes Adrift Alaska
    "They say its ornamental But its pretty real to me Its just experimental But I think I disagree It might be accidental Slippery as the wind And it was once a circle Now its getting thin (chorus) Used to"
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer Living Sin
    "Will you stand up or will you freeze That savage woman make you please Turn your inside outside in Still you don't know where she has been Living sin Can't you see through She's going to realize the way"

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