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Soja changes

  • Changes - Jonny Lang
    "I got a friend at the bar his name is Ray and I really don't know what he's trying to say His skin is black, mine is white to me there's no difference wrong or right Told me he'd leave the girl at the"
  • Changes - Manafest
    "Something's changing my life in the night, I don't know what it is ya'll, I'm believing it's Christ he is the light Who ever would a thought ya'll I'm not a dark child just a wild out abounds Sabotaged"
  • Changes - Kelly
    "I look in the mirror And see this ugly face My hairs a scruff My make-ups all wrong And my clothes Are so old fashioned (old fashioned, old fashioned) When people see me They just don't believe that Anyone"
  • Changes - The Zombies
    "I knew her when summer was her crown And autumn sad how brown her eyes Now See her walk by Peppermint coat Button-down clothes Buttoned up high Diamonds and stones Hang from her hand Isn't she smart Isn't"
  • Changes - The Monkees
    "Seasons may change, we stay the same We always stay the same We always stay the same Winter brings snow, when no, no flowers grow They wait 'til the spring Yes they wait 'til the spring In the"
  • Changes - Van She
    "No..oho I can't find you jeans ..awhoh A printed memory ..awhoh I can show you tears ..awhoh But I'm already gone ..awhoh Razors bring you pain ..awhoh Apple juice won't stain ..awhoh The olives taste"
  • Changes - Prussian Blue
    "What do you think of me Now that you know who I am What do you think of me What do you think of that plan That we had for so long Why did it have to change (Chorus) I'm still the same your the one whose"
  • Changes - Shakatak
    "How do I sleep at night Knowing you are coming to me? You're in my heart and in my mind Only you can do this to me Pre-chorus: And even now I can't beleive you're just a dream Because you're feel so really"
  • Changes - Imagination
    "In a cold hard world when you're out on your own Oh there's a cruel harsh word you'll get to know. No one understands what it's like in misery All the great demands your love has made on me In the heat in"
  • Changes - DMX
    "Chorus:Ain't no other cats got love for meAin't no cats goin' bust slugs for meAin't no cats goin' shed blood for meBut my dogs is goin' be a thug wit me(Repeat) If I'm gonna rob I'm a rob all nightIf"

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