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Someone singing alone

  • Everybody's Alone - Neil Young
    "If you're looking for me You'll find me resting in the shade Of the mountains and trees Beneath the cool summer breeze And I don't mind if you stay Everybody's alone Everybody's alone People talking to"
  • TOGETHER ALONE - Melanie
    "We'll grow old, we'll take care of each other I'll be your sister, your mother, your lover We'll be friends during changes of weather Let's be together on our own Let's be together alone We're believers,"
  • Left Alone - The Pigeon Detectives
    "Show me people you know. it don't impress me theyre gunna let you down i hope theres someone in here to undress me so i can get some now I dont wanna be left alone with you tonight I dont wanna be left"
  • Walk Alone - Larry
    "Well she says she needs Just a little bit more And you know I want to give it but I'm not sure how You know I'm gonna miss her as she's walking out my door it's been a long, long time since I've been alone I'll"
  • Lonely Alone - Reba McEntire
    "(Reese Wilson) I could stop right here turn this car around. Walk back through the door put my suitcase down. Tell you I'm sorry and things would be alright I know. But it all comes down to the lesser"
  • Love Alone - Utopia
    "When she calls my name Nobody says it quite the same Gives me a feeling I never knew Makes me so happy loving her. Love and love alone I'd wait a life just to have it here. Love is all I know and that"
  • All Alone - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous All Alone Secret dreams rising up in the dead of night All alone; its a weakness that's hard to break Another summer fades away like the evening light Another year, as your confidence"
  • I'm Alone - Jean Shepard
    "Staring through my window pane I watch the raindrops kiss the street below My thoughts run like an endless road that never seems to lead to anyplace I could have been in tangled web of yesterdays that"
  • Together Alone - Caliban
    "Your life is life, mine is just a lie. Time passes by, everything flows in the same stream and we are driving down the river, I pause and let you go, my tears whip the river, there I stand stiff forever, Singing"
  • Never Alone - MercyMe
    "It's been one of those days When everything just feels so far away Hope don't be a stranger Won't you help me make it through today? Then a voice comes calling out to me You're never alone cause I am"

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