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Sonicue alive

  • Alive - Jane
    "She found she was walking on the ground of a one way street And she cried when she looked in the eye of the people she met There was no blood there was no secret power When she counted the cost of all"
  • Alive - Melissa O'Neil
    "Stuck in a world No longer turning Always the girl Waiting for something Too many days Walking around sleeping Open my eyes I'm tired of dreaming I wanna run with the reckless emotion Find out if love"
  • Alive - Gareth Gates
    "I see so much beauty Hidden way beneath your skin That sure ain't no sin You say you ain't pretty Not in any place it counts But I am blind to all that you doubt It ain't perfection for which I would"
  • Alive - Becki Ryan
    "Stuck in a world, No longer turning. Always a girl, Waiting for something. Too many days, Walking around sleeping. Open my eyes, I'm tired of dreaming. I wanna run with reckless emotion, Find out if love"
  • Alive - All
    "i think of all the things we did back when we were alive i watched around the corner as you rode up on your bike i sat with you and held your hand when movies made you cry i think of all the things we"
  • Alive - Jennifer Brown
    "Have you seen a mother kiss her son goodbye ? Have you seen a dark cloud fight a silver line ? I have seen a loved one tell a million lies Karma's like a boomerang whirling deep inside May not know a"
  • Alive - P.O.D.
    "Everyday is a new day Im thankful for every breath I take I wont take it for granted So I learn from my mistakes Its beyond my control, sometimes its best to let go Whatever happens in this lifetime So"
  • Alive - SR-71
    "all she's asking is for a little more time to walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behind but she won't talk about it she's made up her mind when the front door shuts behind her she whispers... "give"
  • Alive - Atmosphere
    "I'm moving in this place, I struggle everyday Sometimes easy, sometimes hard Now I know what it's all about, I have no where to hide Living with strangers, back to bases, learning how to survive Now I"
  • Alive - Hillsong Kids
    "I, I am alive and in You I am freeI, I will not hide what You mean to meAnd I shout it out loud, I'm not missing outGonna make the world see what You've done in meI have found You and I'm not ashamedI"

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