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Tak������e me chairc

  • Take Me Or Leave Me - The Magic Numbers
    "It's a funny time for me and you And you and me See I've been out walking And I can't get over you No, I can't get over you Just take me or leave me alone And it's not right no it's not right you say And"
  • Take Me Or Leave Me - Rent
    "Mark Valentine's Day...Pan across the empty lot. Roger's down at Mimi's where he's been for almost two months - tho' he talks about selling his guitar and getting out of here. (Still jealous of Benny)..."
  • Take Me Or Leave Me - Various
    "Warbucks I've made me a fortune (That fortune made ten) Been headlined And profiled Again and again But something was missing (I never quite knew) That something was someone -- But who? My speeches are"
  • Take Me Or Leave Me - Original Broadway Cast
    "Company : Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Moments So Dear Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes How Do you Measure - Measure A Year"
  • Take Me Baby - Scooter
    "Take me baby Take me now Take me baby Take me to the edge of explosion Love me baby Love me now Love me baby Love me on our way to a dark star Take me baby Take me baby Love me baby Love me"
  • Take Me Up - Scotch
    "Take me up take me up Take me up take Take me up take me up. Don't ask me why are you waiting for love tonight. Please take me in hastily I have a good time it's right. Come with me and sing forever I"
  • Take Me Back - 38 Special
    "Take me back to see you smile again And the love you had for your friends Take me back for the times we had When we joked and laughed take me back 'Cause I know you'll live forever And I know we're still"
  • Take me high - Yoomii
    "Take me high high Take me high high Take me up Take my hand Take me to a promise land Take this wings of love for you for you Take my heart to the sky Take me where the angels fly Cause I need your love Come"
  • Take Me Home - Little River Band
    "Give me the hand of the one I love, take me away to the sunshine land, I've had enough of this crazy life, working so hard like a mad man. Keep on writin' me, mama, keep on sendin' me news, keep on wiring"
  • Take Me Up - Nadia
    "I am full of energy. Maybe are you ready for me This is an emergency. It's so crazy suddenly It's so good, so natural It's so good when you talk to me It's so good, so physical It's so good when you're"

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